It takes WAY too long to reroll properties. You got it right in Vermintide 1, why the regression?

If there’s any argument for the V2 reroll system being better than the one in V1 then I’d love to hear it. Like other things in this sequel, they took something that was good or fine and made it bad. Traits are annoying to reroll (though I wish there were more traits), but you can spend a very long time rerolling for the properties you want, since you have to deal with different types of effects AND their percentages at once, and it takes 8 seconds each roll.

And let me reroll properties without having to unequip gear ffs. Rework the whole damn thing if you have to, and give the intern you hired to do this ui a different job.

Learn some basic design principles.

  1. Find out different actions user needs to do.
  2. Calculate and minimize number of clicks and time required to do it; implement in ui.
  3. Test on random people to be sure they can intuitively complete the action without having their hand held through it and without making mistaken/accidental clicks.

It is like your ui people never thought “Hey, someone will actually have to do this, lets see how long it takes me to roll the perfect stats I want on this item. Oh look it literally took me an hour. What an incredible waste of time.”

You’re spending MATERIAL crafting. That’s time you already invested acquiring the mats being thrown away. But at least that was during a game. Now you need me to throw away a lot more time pressing the roll button over and over and swapping equipment out so it feels like freking work.

It would probably be a lot better if you just let me spend 100 blue mats to maximize the properties or some system like this. Whatever the initial roll is, spent 10 mats to add an extra percent to the properties up to the max. I don’t understand the obsession with rng for this.


I always say that developers they make the game in a way they find interesting, never considering how many times you’ll have to do one action. Anyone looking at how this crafting works can quickly tell that when you are up in a hundred re-rolls, it starts to get tedious. Great visuals, sounds etc. Practical? Nope. If you had a re-roll system where you could litterally choose what stat you wanted, then this might have been a cool look and feel for it. Forging your good item in the slow but visually appealing furnace. Nice!

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It’s astounding how little common sense FS showed in game design in some aspects. I mean, these swedes think it’s fun to wait a unnecessary long time at the end of a game before you can play another game again, and that it’s fun having to spend a long time to open all chests you gathered?

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Yeah I gave up on Destiny 2 because managing inventory after a while just felt like work. I doubt I’ll ever return to the game unless they really overhaul the inventory and loot system. You have like 400 spaces in inventory and storage for all the weapons and different armor sets and vehicles and everything else you can collect in the game. for 3 different heroes. and it wasn’t even enough for the base game let alone all the expansions and special events. for a game where you collect loot you can’t keep any of it.
I’m not short on inventory in Vermintide 2 but a lot of it seems like work without much payoff. Always have to weigh the time you spend fiddling with inventory to oget something better vs just running a map and getting better loot.

Made a topic about that too. Did over 200 rerolls,over 20 minutes of clicking is not fun.

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