For the love of god fix the re-rolling of stats

It is such a crushing experience when you spend your last 50 green dust on your first red weapon, only to have it end up with trash stats, so you’re forced to speed run recruit for a chance at 0-5 more dust only to end up with an even worse item than the one you started with.

Crafting needs a major QOL fix ASAP. You can spend hours staring at a screen only to get screwed by RNG.
At the very least give us the option to decide between the old and new stats, speed up the rolling of stats, maybe give us an auto roll option, which stops at certain properties or even give us the ability to spend a set amount on properties we actually want and finally just scrap green dust.

Another thing that would be nice is the option to switch between “Power vs X” properties, maybe at the cost of blue dust, without losing the other property. Considering future balance changes and the fact that we actually have to datamine health and damage numbers, makes keeping up with proper breakpoints a complete and utter nightmare.



To think that I disliked the rerolling system in v1… at least there you could keep traits OR swap them for new ones, and could try to reroll JUST the percentage of a trait. Still annoying RNG, but at least you would know for certain you wouldn’t come out worse than you started.

The one part of crafting in V2 I do like is unlocking the templates and being able to craft a specific weapon. Way better than in V1 having to pray to RNG and hopefully get the weapon you wanted.


Rerolling is absolute disrespect of the players time and resources right now. Total trash.


It is amongst the most deplorable uses of skinner box RNG I’ve ever seen in a game and it needs to diaf.

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Just to bump this thread… because nothing has changed (AFAIK). @FatsharkJulia @Fatshark_Hedge @Fatshark_Gatts Is there any news on this ever being fixed/changed.

I really love this game (after playing VT1 for a bit) and played hundreds of ours. In the beginning the re-rolling is OK-isch because it doesn’t matter that much and if you get slightly better stuff on your blues after a few re-rolls it’s good enough for the time being.
But now I’m gearing up to play legend and if you want certain builds to have certain breakpoints this re-rolling RNG is an utter pain in the ass. It’s even way worse than in VT1!!

This would be a deal breaker in the next VT game for me… for sure.


Well, yeah, but remember that reds can’t be effectively crafted if you want the illusions and you end up with no dual axes, no drakefire pistols and 5 duplicate 1h hammers, all with the same illusion :smiley:

I don’t think that “disrespect the players’ time” was a key driver for choosing this system, but the actual result is the same. Lots and lots of time wasted.

FS, think about what people mean when they say “time wasted”. We’re here to kill rats. Anything outside of that is just in the way. The current inventory system is literally designed to take longer than it needs to even if we ignore the RNG, with the 9-item salvage limit and that bloody timer on rerolls and salvaging.

It wouldn’t be so annoying if the traits and item attributes were all useful and that “close enough” was good enough, but everyone knows there’s a few that are overwhelmingly more useful than the rest, which means more time spent rerolling while we try again to get that particular stat combo with decent numbers on them.


I still prefer V1 item system and bounty board over V2.


Yeah could we please just choose which stat we want to reroll! That is really not asking much.

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You can come back here after three months of nothing and posts from the release are pushed due to the problem still existing.
Also that MMORPG grind is were V2 truly disappoints. As you said I want to slay rats. I want to play the Maps I like and try out the weapons I’m interested in without grinding for 50 hours per weapon/champ combination. I don’t know who came up with the great idea to make every weapon besides reds 100% useless crap. Yea thanks but that 0,3% to movement speed and 10% louder farting doesn’t really make a difference to the next white 300 rubbish I got from that shiny recruit chest.

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In the meantime, you can ease your reroll-anger by using this time-saving mod:
I’m all about a patch that would put this mod in the game directly, but there is certainly a reason it got sanctioned.

Or use the other menu layout does the same thing.

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I would love for players to have more control when it comes to re-rolling properties. It can definitely become quite frustrating when you have tons of reds that need to be re-rolled and no dust to do it with because you’ve already wasted it on the other 9000 useless rolls. Please FS help us out here. Increase cost to let us pick our stats, maybe a way to roll only one property at a time? I don’t know the perfect solution myself but this is easily the most unfun part of an otherwise awesome game. For me atleast…

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