Simple Idea to improve weapon crafting

The reroll system wastes so much time and dust. The RNG and inconsistency is aggravating. Id say get rid of it completely but that’s not necessary for my suggestion:

Instead of rolls (or in addition) let us spend 5 or 10 appropriate dust to pick the trait or properties we want. It would also be nice to have a organized list of all the available traits and properties so we can better theorize about what would be good.

I know this has probably been said multiple times but it seems like an obvious way to do it that is somehow not the way its done.

People have been asking for both those things since verms one, it’s not happening.

I thought so. Its too obvious to not have been thought of or said many times.

I get your frustration, I tend not to do a lot of re-rolling as the mechanics irritate me, which means that I usually don’t have break point set up, in the end I just don’t care enough to bother that much with any traits except the cross class/career items.

And I never, ever re-roll unless its a red.

This is a problem?


I have so much left over scrap and dust I can reroll properties and traits all day. You guys are actually running out of dust? Lol.

This is not an issue IMHO

It’s not the dust spending that’s the problem for most. It’s the tedious and random repetitive rerolling. Y’know, the stuff that gets boring after the first ten clicks and can go on for hundreds. And takes a huge amount of time to boot.

Doesn’t take too long man, on average after about 30-40 rolls you get perfect stats. I tend to be less picky, as soon as I see something like +10% power vs Chaos +10% power vs Monsters or pretty much most stats I just roll with it without being too picky. On melee weapons, getting the 2.0 Stamina is a MUST roll, followed by +5% attack speed. Thats just my opinion though. TBH the system is a bit boring anyways. I have got perfect preferred stats on most of my weapons anyways, so just speaking from my experience, it was not that hard to get them.

Turning a 2-hit-kill to a 1-hit-kill is a pretty good reason to be picky. See for example xbow vs. stormvermin.

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