Rerolling orange traits and getting the same trait 2+ times in a row is not fun

Not fun at all …


Yeah i dont like this either. Also already postet a thread about it :confused: But i guess we wont see any change there. But after a while of farming ( you cant avoid that because thats the game) you ll get used to it and you have anough material to craft as often as you want.

Just about as not fun as spending 40 dust before you get the one you want. Like, how is that possible. And yes in that roll session I got the same trait several times in a row.

This is the problem with RNG, the system they have now Is random, but that means that the same trait can come up 1-2-3 even 4 times in a row. Their RNG system does to take into account what your latest roll was. They could build it differently but as it is now, it’s pretty close to perfect RNG (which can be a big pain in the *ss).

A fix would be to have the system remembering what you just rolled and remove that trait for your next roll.

I’d rather just spend X to be able to pick. I don’t care if getting X’s EV is higher than random rolling. The pool is so small that rolling just one trait feels pretty pointless.

Once I rerolled 32 times before I got a new trait, I thought the game was bugged.

The best system (if not overhauling the system completly) would be to “Cost 1 green 1 blue to reroll both traits” and a “Cost 2 green 2 blue ro reroll one”. That would work much, Much better. But the RNG is still no fun.

I’m looking for crit chance and attack speed on my SnD. Already spent 50 reroll on them. This will require ages :slight_smile:

Only 2 in a row?

Try 4 - 5 times in a row just to get something useless after that and then roll it 3 - 4 times in a row.

Oh the immersion of blacksmithing.

In game 1 re-rolling had new and old setups shown, and you could choose what to pick. That made it so you would never reroll into the same thing unwillingly. I know, that system works very different now, you have 1 trait rather then combination of three, but I really miss that option. It feels like game 2 system is a big step back in terms of usability. The worst part for me is not that it makes you spend extra rare dust, but rather the time it takes sometime to do it. I really want some sort of a bot, that would automatically re-roll traits, until it gets the right one. It is not fun at all to just stand there for 10 minutes, not playing the game, just to get trait that you want.

You’re thinking properties, traits cost orange dust on orange items.

On the overall topic, my favorite time is still spending 50 dust trying for Boon and bouncing between Bond and Healers.

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