Orange dust in crafting

have 25 orange dust
want another trait
get the same as i had
try again
get the same trait again
sod off
one more time
get the same trait again


this happens a lot and its annoying re-rolling into the same trait again and again wasting dust each time.

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yea crafting is a huge time-sink, just like in verm 1

Yep, that happens a lot but i have a lot more trouble trying to maintain green/blue dust with how many times, you dont get what you want. Orange dust on the other hand, It’s a lot more easier to get the trait you want unless the game just keeps messing with you and repeating the same one

i wish there was an autoroller or a set amount where u could just pay the equivilant in dust rolling. i mean seriously rng rolling in any games just serves to frustrate honestly, and spending time rolling instead of playing is annoying.


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