Stop wasting my time fatshark

This is seriously starting to get to me. I’ve wasted 200 dust of both green and blue to get the properties FOR A SINGLE ITEM which I still have yet to get. Getting the items to get that dust takes a ridiculous amount of time alone . FORCING people to reroll hundreds of times to get their properties if they aren’t lucky is absolutely ridiculous , it took me an hour to roll all of those and to carefully make sure if I’ve gotten the properties that I was looking for on top of the game crashing close to a dozen times due to backend error challenge response or whatever nonsense your spaghetti code can’t handle . I’m genuinely getting sick of this. I don’t mind throwing away dust . If I could press a button and give 50 or even 100 of each dust to get 1 of whatever property I wanted I’d actually be fine with that because at this point you’re wasting my time and pissing me off with this system and I’m just one person. I didn’t buy this game to gamble and fish for stats .


This could be a great mode suggetion: bot that rolls for you until you get sertain properties and %%.

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There are many ways they could go about making this less arduous and time consuming like: the auto rolling bot , giving a predetermined amount of dust for a specific property and giving max % to reds with this, having the ability to lock one of the properties and roll the other. There are many things that could be done . The rolls I specifically wanted were pwr vs chaos and skaven on my charm, someone else said they rolled 100 times and still haven’t got this. I have it on an orange charm with about 8% each but I wanted max on my red.

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It turns out the thing I was rolling for was bugged. It’s a shame fatshark cares so little about their playerbase that they couldn’t make this information available to ALL players. Pwr vs Chaos and Skaven is not possible to get on charm yet I have it on an orange one. Also pwr vs armor and monster seems to be impossible.I’m seriously getting sick of this.

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This is the sort of problem that just stops people playing, especially at champ/legend levels which is supposed to be endgame.

I had to roll well over 70 times to get 5% crit and 33% curse resist, which for my build and to hold 2 grims is ESSENTIAL. It wasn’t exciting or fun in any way and just made me annoyed.

Please implement a system that isn’t so random. It’s not crafting if you have no control over what you get…that is a lottery.

So… is it so ESSENTIAL to have 1% more or less in a skillbased game?

I mean… the most things you don´t even recognize that hard. I play every char atm for the Achievements and i don´t got max rolls everywhere. I don´t even know that best build for every career. I just play like i want and hey… it works even without max rolls. Just to set one up, i play on every career with nature bond and give a xy on curse resistence. :stuck_out_tongue:

Calm down guys and just play, have fun and wait for Reds probably!?!

Power VS Armor + Power VS Monster is possible.

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70 times? Dude, some people had to roll 500 times. I personally had to roll 220 times once and 170 times another time. Average number of rolls to get desired properties is 56. 70 rolls is nothing.


Well 70 is above average and still a huge waste of my time.

Worse than wasting time (which I have way too much on my hands anyway) or resources (which, being in-game ones, i can get more of just by playing normally) for me is that any crafting beyond the most basic stuff (salvaging, illusions) is cripplingly boring. I could easily do much more crafting when my buddies aren’t online to save their time and nerves, but the whole routine of rerolling stats is too slow and tedious to be fun. That I have to move my mouse pointer back to the inventory to check what I have rolled doesn’t help things any. I have to actually pay attention the whole time, too, so I can’t just let my mind do something else. This would likely be mitigated by the same things that would reduce the materials and time needed, too.

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It’s literally sitting there rolling dice over and over until you get the outcome you’re after. It’s the most uninspired approach possible.


I agree that this system is not especially fun or satisfying. It definitely sucks up time which I would rather use actually playing the game.

With that said I don’t think min-maxing gear is necessary to succeed in Vermintide 2. It helps, for sure, but you can’t say it’s the only option and we’re therefore “forced” to spend hours re-rolling stuff.

With that said, I don’t think getting gear is necessary to succeed in Vermintide 2. It helps, for sure, but you can’t say it’s the only option and we’re therefore “forced” to spend weeks farming chests.

With that said, I don’t think selecting talents is necessary to succeed in Vermintide 2. It helps, for sure, but you can’t say it’s the only option and we’re therefore “forced” to spend hours leveling up.

With that said, I don’t think cosmetic items are necessary to succeed in Vermintide 2. They are useless, for sure, so you can’t say that we are “forced” to spend thousands of hours farming commendation chests.


Sure, the devs need such an offensive feedback about the problem they already know!!! I don’t defend devs and I see their and their game flaws. But. Being a bit more polite is a problem these days? I played more than 400 hours right now and I felt that these props help only the few times with few chars. They are people too, and sayin’ “you’re morons guys” with arguments or not won’t help, but, probably, make their motivation lesser. “I’m paid money for this” - you can say. So? You can’t play the game? Or paying money let you to insult them? Some times ago I wanted to create few topics with meanless, rude screams, but, somewhy I got that it won’t help in any way. Why can’t so many people to get this thought too.

Maybe the patience has frayed too thin since the crafting system has not been improved since release day.


Analogies aren’t proofs. 1. Not every prop at gear has big impact on game and max. props. aren’t need, because many breakpoints are easily to achive without max. 2. Many talents have the really big and noticable impact, even playstyle can depends of some. 3. Cosmetic is a question of opinion, but usually just a sweet thing to get. And “AgainPyromancer” is right here: 90% of time, you don’t need most of props, especially “power vs X”

Nothing, but rarely personal insults on you, let to insult others. And as I said, you have to think before say something. And being polite isn’t hard, but more helpful than screaming at every corner.

There comes a time after you’ve been polite and nothing happens when you start being less polite. Then probably you just leave if nothing improves. That’s kind of where I’m getting to.


The whole crafting and rerolling system is lazy and boring as hell.
Yesterday I wasted a LOT of time, letting my group wait, to roll a specific combo. After 160~ tries, I got it.


Devs are woking. They still have things to do, still doing mistakes, but they are working, obviously. We don’t know enough about exactly THIS game development. Maybe, it could be faster, maybe it could be better, maybe devs are just drinkin’ soda 24/7 and sometimes writes code. We don’t know. And I’d like to stay silent about the things, which aren’t obviously clear, rather than tryin’ to scream. Devs read the forum, it’s for sure. They know about this problem, this is sure too. You think devs don’t know that people are leaving? Two options: they know, but they don’t care or they know and work on problems. With first option - no matter how loud someone screams, with second - they know enough about it and it’s pointless to say with such offensive. The only thing I don’t like about it - not enough chat with players, but rare posts here.