Stop wasting my time fatshark

The thing is they seem to be working on things like exploits and overpowered weapons or characters (fun things) instead of things that make the game tedious and rage inducing or just plain disappointing .


C’mon man. Show some sense.

Getting gear, leveling up, and earning commendation chests literally happen whether you want them to or not. They’re unavoidable – they’ll happen now matter how you play the game. And of course we’re not “forced” to grind for cosmetics.

Min-Maxing is in a whole separate category: it’s a choice to spend 30 minutes chasing a perfect roll instead of 5 minutes to get a decent one. It’s a pretty crap experience in general, as I’ve already said, but it is optional.

I wanna belive you so badly, but I just can’t…

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What’s your estimate of how long it takes to get one specific trait/property on an item, with a value in the 80th percentile?

  • You don’t need to hit breakpoints.
  • You don’t need max rolls
  • You don’t need to stack attack speed/crit chance/whatever.

Go ahead and min-max if that’s what floats your boat. But if it doesn’t float your boat then stop doing it, or complain about it (as in this thread, which is legit) and wait until Fatshark make it better. You have options whether you are willing to admit it or not.

You don’t need to use any tallents.
You don’t need to use career ability.
You don’t need to use consumables.
You don’t have to use any items exept base 5 HP “blueprints”.

I love that type of logic, it’s so nice!

P.S. You don’t need to use your ranged weapon at all.


You don’t need to play this game? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The core of endgame for me is to try out different builds and see what works. As you may guess, it includes getting one specific blue text and comparre it to the other blue text, and see what’s better in game. Yes, you should not have all you may want, but wasting a lot of time just to try something fun, is not cool. Of all the weak point of the game, crafting system is the worst for me for that reason.

Care to attach relative value to those things? Rank their impact on your performance in-game? Are you going to claim that hitting a breakpoint on your bodyshots with a crossbot (or not) is comparable to not using any talents?

You’re arguing in bad faith. I’ll leave you to your reveries.

Real deep.

I’m the one arguing that you should skip tryhard min-maxing (because it’s a frustrating time-sink) if you don’t enjoy it and spend your time slaying rats, instead. You know, playing?

You’re the one insisting that min-maxing is as much a core, fundamental, necessary aspect of the game as talents and gear and therefore you need to suffer endless hours staring at little numbers as they dance around.

You, too, I’ll leave to your thoughts. Such as they are.

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Probably about 30 to 50 re rolls just to get the properties you want never mind the percentages. The current system is trash. We should be able to roll each property separately and then roll percentages separately. You know, like a much better game called vermintide 1.

Dunno about you but I’m not too interested in playing a mouse clicking simulator wasting my time and resources.


But… the addiction… too strong man!!

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My Dear Friend! I wanna ask you, if I can reach certain breakpoints with Bardin’s Dual Axes, for example, 1 headshot heavy to kill SV, 1 bodyshot light to kill chaos fanatic (instead of 2) and 2 bodyshot marauder (instead of 3) does it improves my character’s effectiveness comparable to not using ult or tallents?


Kruber would like to have a word with you about hitting a 24% ish breakpoint that one body shots storm vermin on legend.

There are also many characters that hit breakpoints to kill trash rats in 1 body hit instead of 2. You saying that killing trash in half the amount of time makes no difference to your experience…

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Proof please.

So tired of people putting words into my mouth or telling me what I think.

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Ah this minmax discussion is interesting but simply put the numbers are there and are generally effective at what they do, so people would be off worse completely ignoring them because it means throwing a blind eye at intentional gameplay elements meant to fulfill individual functions.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather never have had to deal with +skaven and +chaos and +crit especially in a game like this in the first place, but just them being there means I’m going to have to find the most effective setup because they aren’t minor neglible boosts when put together properly. Lest I cripple my full potential, because one can argue that ignore stats is adding artificial difficulty too, which isn’t something I’m interested in.

The entirety of the new crafting system is a downgrade from vt1 in my eyes, and I’ve felt that way since cbt. It’s entire function is to facilitate a purposefully random and frustrating experience to reinforce that I should go and grind more lootboxes instead of getting to enjoy the game for what it is without having to worry about + this and + that.

The sooner one gets that artificially sustained hurdle done and over with the faster one can focus on just playing and enjoying the game.

I’d rather have had weapons with less stats and more weapons in general if customizing is what it’s about, because yes I don’t have to craft and honestly I don’t want to craft but the game wants me to craft.

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