Rerolling Traits and Qualities is a waste of my time (craft system)

I just spent 10-15 minutes trying to get a cooldown/curse resistance trinket combo, and it never came up. I stopped not because I was frustrated about losing dust – I’ve got enough of it, but because it was downtime that I resented. There is nothing fun about holding a button for three seconds, checking an item, dragging the item into a box, then holding a button again ad nauseum. I have piles of dust that I don’t spend, this is because rerolling isn’t fun for me – it’s become an aspect of the game that I would rather not interact with.

Please, let me select the qualities that I want, and the traits that I want, and just let me pay for it in dust. Hell, if you want to charge me 100 blue and 200 green for the privilege of selecting a high % of a certain item; I’m fine with that. If you want to make some traits cost 10 orange while others cost 1-2, I’m fine with that. If you want to reserve the highest %s for Red items only, that’s fine too. If you want to leave in the random feature for those who enjoy it – fantastic; just please add some alternative

The loot system is something of a random drop. The craft system is something of a random-lite. I would really prefer a movement towards a non-random, point based crafting system. I want this because it would give me the opportunity to interact with that interface as little as possible – because I derive pleasure from playing the core game, not re-rolling items ad nauseum. Furthermore, the re-roll feature peripherally disrupts gameplay: none of us like being stuck in the keep while a player spends 5 minutes rerolling, before they ready up.

I like playing the game with my friends or with pubs, and it’s the quality of that gameplay experience (not the drive to get new random loot) that keeps me coming back. There’s not one perfect set of gear that I want, rather there are a number of viable configurations that I want to explore – I just don’t have any interest in enduring 10-40 minutes of downtime in order to eventually stumble upon one of them. Frankly, if you let me craft items as I wanted, you could make the crafts as expensive as you wanted – it wouldn’t really bother me because I could get that done by playing the game.


Fatshark is pretty much aware of that, but won’t do nothing about it because it’s a slot machine that manages to keep people hooked. Evil, yes. But also effective.

I don’t think it’s quite that evil. If they were extracting micro-payments for keys, I would call it evil, but as is I think they’re just experimenting with mechanics. Like I said, what brings me back to the game is the game. I’m not much into loot boxes, but I acknowledge the current dice/drop system as an improvement over the previous one.

I think the fear is that, once I get my perfect orange combo item, I won’t want to play the game anymore – but nothing could be further from the truth. I want to develop a number of different items that allow me to play with viable, experimental alternatives for each class. This involves an inherent degree of fine tuning, and the current system requires such a time investment (i.e. sheer time required to generate the desired item) that I am reluctant to engage with the system at all.

Really I want to minimize the amount of time I have to invest in order to “fabricate” an item so that I can maximize time spent experimenting with different viable item combinations.

I couldn’t agree more. I really dislike this random, pseudo-gambling crafting system. There’s so much more to the game than crafting, and right now I strongly feel that the randomness of crafting is holding the game & alot of players back.

All my friends that play this with me have said they despise the randomness in the crafting system. The game could be so much more satisfying if we could just spend our hard earned resources on crafting an item with the exact traits/properties we wanted.

All in all, I want to play the game, not spend 20 minutes in The Keep trying to get a decent roll on an item.

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Sitting through the animation is the part that’s annoying.

Well, that and repicking the item.

Drop the time to craft, remove the animations and it would be bearable.


You’re missing the point. They know you still gonna develop a number of different sets with the current system. You just gonna have to spend a lot more time doing that. That’s why it’s evil.

I understand what you’re saying. I think something a little different thing is happening.

The object of a slot machine is to get your money, and keep getting your money by giving you an exaggerated feeling of reward together with a reduced/obscured feeling of loss.

FatShark has already got my money. They’re gonna get more of my money when I buy the DLCs or get copies of the game for my friends. I think they’re business model is radically different from that of the slot machine.

The point I’m making is that, more or less, I won’t sit through the re-rolls because they are a non-fun, downtime activity. Furthermore, there are a players expressing similar sentiment, sitting on a high quantity of dust. And keep in mind, we’re already “coming back”, we’re just avoiding this part of the game.

Ultimately, i think fatshark “wants” to give it’s players what they “want” so long as it doesn’t disrupt their creative/mechanical vision for the game. I’d wager this is one of the places where they might respond to community feedback, though it may (admittedly) be a slow response – because it would require the creation of a new system/interface.

Oh, boy, if you think Fatshark cares about community feedback, then just take a look at their forum presence, hahaha.

Sell me your green dust.

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um. not sure if you’ve noticed but a lot of their patches have been made directly addressing community brought up issues.

anyway my opinion on the topic is the same as OPs. i wanna spend more time playing the game, not sitting through stupid long victory screens and waiting for the UI to do it’s thing. i honestly think it’s bad design that we can’t play more games, faster. the runs through the level are already long enough without making the delays between them longer.

It’s still possible to base a new system on RNG. I would like to set thresholds for each possible item property value and just let the RNG run util it hit’s one or more of my set thresholds so that I can make a decision about if I want to keep going or not… If you set your wishes to high you might run out of dust…

Some times I just start the game up and after 5 minutes or so of rerolling I get tired of it all and shut it down before even playing which was what I originally wanted to so for me personally the current system causes me to not want to play the game as well…

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