Crafting re-rolls take too long. Please shorten

Pretty much said in the topic title.

I’ve sat re-rolling properties and traits for an extremely long time - often rolling about 150-200 times to get the desired stats, and frankly it’s boring and hugely soul destroying to do. I’d rather be playing the game, not sat waiting for the re-rolls to happen.

It takes way too long to re-roll. The button click to"Re-roll Properties/Traits" is about 2 seconds, then the wait for the item to show the stat change is another 2 seconds etc. Doing 150 rolls is 10 minutes. I could have completed the bulk of a run in that time.

I understand having a timed button press is to prevent accidental rolls, but it becomes massively un-fun to repeat this process, which is designed in such a way that it WILL obviously be repeated over and over.

Give us the option to take the delay off please and have the re-rolls apply instantly.

Or, even better - let us select the Properties/Traits we want, and take a costly but predetermined amount of dust from us. I want the “Swift Slaying” trait on my melee weapon, which usually takes less than 10 Dust to create. Just give me the option of selecting “Swift Slaying” for 10 Dust and have the transaction done instantly. Bam. Now I can get back to playing the game instead of spending what seems like hours doing something annoying.


Just seen basically this post elsewhere on the forum, but I don’t know how to delete this. So apologies for posting a duplicate topic.

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