Re-rolling properties is unintuitive

So I’ve been rolling properties for 30 minutes trying to get power vs skaven and power vs chaos on my dual hammers. I finally sensed something was wrong, so I asked the Squirel Squad discord and they said that’s not possible. It’s not alright for me to dump this kind of time into something before having to ask about it.

Mention this somewhere in your game. My time is valuable to me. Quit wasting it. I want my dust back.


There are charts all over the internet that show what is and isn’t possible. I honestly can’t believe you sat there for 30 minutes. The same thing happened to me, and I looked it up after like 20 rolls. It sucks, but you only have yourself and your lack of intuition to blame.


You can’t even roll that on a range weapon… why would you think it’s on a melee?

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Such things shhould be stated pretty clearly in the game itself. Yeah, he should have checked earlier, but IMO Fatshark sie the only one to blame here.


Thinking back to ARPGs I’ve played in the past years, I can’t remember a single one that listed, in the game, all the combinations of stats available on items for crafting.

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Well, bad decisions being popular doesn’t make them any better.


It’s not a bad decision, listing them all in a thematic fitting way would be a lot of work and as others have said, that info is widely available on the internet. Anyone who wants to know (minority of player base) can easily find it provided they know how to use google. I’d much rather have the devs working on other things.

It doesn’t have to fit the game itself, a simple guide/info source provided by devs and easily accesible via start screen link is a logical and good choice, unlike leaving new players to gather info by themselves all around the internet (dodge count and dpdge range f.e.). Most people don’t start to look for such info, they simply quit when they can’t find important info and fail at game because of that.


I’ve said it before: If your current plan encourages people to tab out of your game, it’s time for a new plan.


Shift-tab -> in game overlay -> browser -> profit.

This is also much easier than having to leave the re-rolling screen and navigate to wherever this data would be in the game, then back… we’re talking about a lot of data that wouldn’t be able to be presented in a way that would visually fit with the current menus and general look-feel. We aren’t talking about a few simple things… all the possible property combos, available traits, weapon dodge count and range, so on and so forth. Yes it would be possible to put it in various places so it looked ok, but you’d end up with a user interface that is cluttered with information and overwhelming for the average player. People who care that much are the minority, and the plethora of player created guides and docs available means it would be a waste of time for the developers to also create that.

The current look and feel of the menus is out of place with the rest of the game as it is. It looks like it belongs in a freakin’ mobile game. Reshuffling things so there’s space for some extra info won’t do any more damage here.

Or, y’know, just have a panel containing this info on the rerolling interface. There’s really not that much to show. We could use all that space on the left that wastes a full THIRD of the interface to show some oversized buttons.

Not if the UX and UI people are worth their paychecks.


All that’s needed is a loading screen tip that says something like: “Power Vs” is a property. Skaven/Chaos is a modifier to that property. An item cannot have the same property twice."

Except that some items can. They sure dug a hole for themselves.

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It’s not quite that simple. In the case of the Power vs. Properties, melee weapons can have only one of the racials, ranged can have racials or armor classes (and actually, afaik, one of each), and Charms even allow both racials at the same time (although that was originally an accidental thing).

Otherwise also there are some differences between what Properties (And Traits, obviously) are allowed in what items.

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