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So with the big beta out and all, I wanted to try some builds out. I did my main (WHC), then I did Slayer, then I went on o try RV. And then I spent 208 green and 208 blue dust rolling the properties on a bloody handgun. That’s 208 click-and-holds plus 208 right-clicks not counting the 2 times when I ran out of dust and had to downgrade my orange pile by effing tens (which is 30 more click-and holds and a couple of RMBs)!

Now as much as I’m excited to try out the balance stuff, I’m mortified by the prospect of rolling that much gear - I just want to chill and not ever see that damn shutter come down with a bang and then get stuck for 20 seconds because of a small network glitch or something. I just cannot bring myself to go through that torture.

Can anyone legitimately name one single bleeding reason this UI is built that way? Because I’ve got nothing besides the obvious “they want me to suffer”. What exactly does this mechanic bring to the table gameplay-wise?

I understand that this might encourage one not to perfect item stats to save up on dust and kind of bring a bit more randomness to the gear builds. But this idea is shot down by both the essence of veteran items that have no randomness in their property magnitudes and by the fact that I have tons of dust - I don’t really care. What I do care about is the time I waste on this obnoxious ritual. VT1 at least did not allow the percentages to drop on rerolls.

Why not just let me choose the amount of dust I want to downgrade in one sitting? What’s that all about then?

For veteran gear at least why not just let us right-click the item to put it into the square, choose the properties I want and then give me one big old button saying “Required 144 this and that dust to roll (12d12 will be consumed)”? Sure it would then require me to actually have excess dust, but at this point in my game and with all the griding already in the game, I for one am willing to put up with this.
Of course, it requires you to set the math straight and figure out the actual values, but that’s university grade probability theory and mathematical statistics stuff.

Please give it a heart if you like the idea.


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