Let us reroll stats individually

The rolling system was better in V1. Yes it was flawed, but at least you could keep your original roll, and you could roll stat strength separately.

In V2 I have to press a button and spend hundreds of dust just to get the right combination. While you can argue that this is the way the system of randomness should work, I don’t see how anyone could not be tortured mindlessly spamming the reroll button over and over and over again.

Sometimes the system surprises you and gives you whatever you want on the first roll. More times than not, in my experience (because of the system on randomness), I will have to roll something (literally) over 200 times to get the combo I want, not even trying to get a max roll.

I know other topics have been made about it, but I just want to highlight that this is still an issue and should not fall into the depths like other issues have.


I second this.
It’s a good idea. They could even make it twice as expensive or even more while rolling one stat and it would still be of high value.


Even if you want a basically decent piece of equipment, with one of, say, three Traits and any combination of three or four Properties on the higher side of percentages, you will likely need to roll 50+ times, often far more. It gets worse, a lot worse, if you’re aiming for specific builds and/or breakpoints (which is likely the case after getting your first Exotics set up). Getting Veteran items makes things slightly easier for Properties, but those have issues all their own.

Letting us “lock” one Property (and its value) would certainly be a boon, and would reduce the frustration, time use and boredom of rerolling item stats significantly. Even a (relatively) high cost (at least up to 50 of relevant dusts, imo) could easily be worth it.

For other options, allowing us to keep the previous results would encourage more rerolling as we wouldn’t have to fear losing a good item as we tried to get something even better, but it wouldn’t address the amount of dusts or time needed to get better rolls in any way. Giving a separate roll for percentages would be an enhancement too, this time reducing the time and materials needed only somewhat, especially if the new result would always stand (unlike in VT1’s Invocation or whatever it was called). Letting the better result stand would again mostly encourage more rolling, not reduce materials needed that much.

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But without endless korea grind you would have to offer acutal functioning content and balance in this game.
Cant do that brah.

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