Re-roll properties

Hello there,

after playing around 90 hours to finally get to power 300 weapon and some decent farm to upgrade it to purple, I have been sitting there almost 20 minutes pressing the [Re-roll properties] without any results, burned something around 200 dusts. Nothing out of it.

Who and when told you, that players like RNG?
I know a lot of people and I have never heard, yeah, I enjoy getting nothing.
And especially this one? Quadro RNG? Really? RNG first stat, RNG second stat, RNG first stat %, RNG second stat %? Why have you done something so terrible?
I am not even asking why there is even something so useless like:“Increase power against specific type of enemy.” I cannot imagine a single player who wants to have increased power against berserkers, when you can get critical chance, critical power, attack speed.
You really need to change that thing and really quickly.

This insanelly bad RNG mechanic forced me to quit VT1. And I am decently thinking about quiting VT2 for same reason now.

By the way, making grinding mechanic as an extension of game play hours is ok, but there is line that you should not cross.

With best regards


I admit I was (and I am still) mad about that.
I have just shown some hate on RNG (yes I had to keep myself away from swearing), but I didn’t provided any useful feedback.

So here I go. After holding button on re-roll properties a new window will appear.

And to point out some reasonable pricing:
3%,4%,5% (15,20,25) dusts
5%,6%,7%,8%,9%,10% (15,17,19,21,23,25) dusts
10%,11%,12%,13%,14%,15%,16%,17%,18%,19%,20% (15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25) dusts

Making total price of re-roll with best possible stats on maximum % costing 25dusts for first stat + 25 dusts for second stat, which will be 50 dusts for non-stressing re-roll. And if you select nothing on second or first stat, it will stay as it is.

This way it will not be cheap, but it will not cost us nerves. And I don’t see any reason why I have to play a game, that drives me mad.

it’s a system that attempts to incentivise players to play more, but optimising the weapons with very small increments. you would notice that traits are really easy to roll for now, but properties are a lot harder to get. why is this so?

in vt1, traits MADE the weapons. they were essential for some weapon types to function well.

in vt2, since traits are out of the picture, you have 2 properties which improve the weapon slightly. it doesn’t break the game if you don’t have them.

just because you can’t figure out specialised builds, doesn’t mean they aren’t a thing. take the hagbane for instance, it doesn’t crit. i want 10% increased damage on monsters or armour, for it to be effective to my playstyle.

for tanks, who cares about crit? they want block angle, and stamina shields, and there are many people in this very forum complaining that attack speed is a useless upgrade (i am not one of those people)

i’m not saying it’s a perfect system, but you’re bashing on it pretty hard without consideration for other playstyles but your own.

I would like to explain it a bit more than.

I play a game to have a fun time. And sitting here 20 minutes press-holding button [Re-roll properties] is something I will never call “fun” aspecially when it do not give at the end what I wanted.

Yes that drives me not made, but almost crazy.

And yeah, you did the same. Traits are not out of picture. Lets take just sienna and her crit reduces overheat. In propper build it helps you a lot with managing overheat.
I was not saying anything against blocks, I know tanks want them.

I am bashing this system for single reason. In VT1 (and you know it) there was terrible RNG affecting effectivnes of your gameplay. Now there is terrible RNG affecting effectivness of your gameplay. Community was giving a lot of signals that they don’t like that RNG. I know many people who stopped playing VT1 after 20th (± take that number as example) try to get correct stat and nothing.
Thats why I am bashing the system.

And I sincererly hope in future, where games will not have RNG for rewards.
Like you couldn’t recieve some sort of Sigmar coins used to improve your items. The kind of system, where you get adequate rewards for effort.

Lets go through it, so what kind of RNGs we face.
RNG if you will get spawned Dice Roll (that applies 2x).
RNG if (cannot remember now) the crossed fingers during chest upgrades.
RNG of item level from chest.
RNG of quality of the item from chest.
RNG of trait (and also changing traits)
RNG of properties stats (also changing which stats will be)
RNG of % of those properties stats (also the range is RNG)

Thats 7 (or 10 depends if we calculated choosing stats as separated thing) RNG’s affecting what you get. This is in my opinion way too much.
You do not roll dice so much for single thing even in D&D which is just a game about rolling dice.


This is a real problem… I desire a more fun game, not more easy. We have 5 characters with 3 careers, so we need 15 (at least 10) different builds. We all are forced, by this rng, to choose just one decent build for all career… and, also, it kills the possibility to experiment new combinations.

P.s when I will finish green dust, I should to farm playing badly? ._.

Well i wasted like 80 dust to reroll my main weapon, then rolled my alternate weapon just once and got 5% crti, 5% attack speed.

Also i wasted insane amount of mats on trinket reroll, and never ever seen crit + curse ressist, is it even possible? I never seen even a blue one with such a combination

I had made, with one only roll, 33% curse and 5% crit… but it had 190 power.

Yes, only builds you can actually make are those which someone allready proven to be good, experimenting with getting specific stats “just to try it out” imposible.

Yes when you run out of green, you have to farm bad playing. (Yep sounds like “such fun” … )

There is decent list of possible combinations: reddit

Yeah, you can roll like 1000 times and never get the stats with numbers you want, than you roll once and you got it. Thats why I think something like 50 dusts would be reasonable and would also open possibility to testing things out. Yeah even 100 dusts for complete re-roll properties would be fine, but will be a bit blocking a chance for players to try out things.
And even though the “veteran” (or how should I call them) players who has red quality from each type of gear in game, might actually try some new build with lets say good choice of stats, but it might actually not suit him and he will call this build bad, even though it might be good build, just didn’t suit that exact guy. (I hope you know what is the point)

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