Rerolling options

Let us pay a greater amount (50-100 times mats) when rerolling properties or traits and select the desired stats. Not the value, just the stat (crit/ chaos, etc.)

I’ve always disliked the rerolling part of gear. Over the weekend I crafted a red weapon that I wanted crit chaos on. That took me over 40 rerolls, and was so annoying that I did it over multiple attempts. Meaning I created the weapon & didn’t use it because I valued playing the game without it over clicking repeatidly.

Rerolling is not fun or engaging. It’s just a time suck.

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Wouldnt count on it, it was proposed a lot of times

I think revamping this system is on their to-do list, but it’s gonna wait until after WoM.

Helpful mod: Reroll Improvements

Its sanctioned and speeds up rerolling significantly. Not perfect but before that mod I hardly rerolled anything ^^

I totally agree, rerolling is anyoing at best.

Oh thanks for the tip!

I haven’t even looked at the sanctioned mods since the second round of approvals.

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