Reroll improvements.. QoL mods still needed in game!?

Hey thanks to Prop Joe for making this mod a true QoL that I really want back… I understand FS issued a slue of QoL fixes but here’s one that grinds my gears quite literally… Its in the crafting screen; being able to see what properties the weapon now has without a Mouse-over, it can be done and it makes crafting weapons a much more enjoyable/quicker experience i.e. if I have to RNG the task of crafting … If a modder like Joe notices these things and knows how to implement them can’t we give our approval of modding contributers…


It honestly blows my mind that this mod hasn’t been incorporated as a core feature yet. It’s no secret rerolling stuff is a chore and this mod makes it 5x less annoying. I’d go so far as to say I have little to no motivation to explore other property combinations while this mod remains unsanctioned. Maybe it’s something we can hope for in the QoL patch @Aqshy said was upcoming on stream?