We shouldn't have to turn to mods to fix bad design decisions

Pretty self-explanatory…A community shouldn’t have to turn to modders for simple QoL updates, to make RNG mechanics somewhat bearable, or fix bad game design decisions. Especially when those mods are things the community has pretty clearly requested for a long time or were in previous games and mysteriously removed.


Isn’t this true for absolutely every game where mods are introduced though? They are there to to make the game ‘better’ for some definition of ‘better’.

But yeah, the crafting is in a completely broken state at the moment. We have no score board. We can’t choose our missions. There is much to fix, but FS does not seem to want to. I’m not sure who greenlit all of this :frowning: .


While I think that to a limited extent QoL mods are fine, as there’s oversights or stuff that may be hard to code backend, it does feel ridiculous the amount of stuff DT mods have to fix. Looking at the perk rerolling as one of the big ones.

But for stuff like creature spawner and numbered UI I could understand why they wouldn’t be put in the base game but make for fantastic mods.

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True, They either know changes should be made and don’t want to make them or they know changes need to be made but cant spare the time. I would assume because they are working on making the game work on consoles. Probably having a hard time of it too considering how many stability and performance issues this game has had since release.

Where does that leave us? purgatory :wink:

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I don’t think that’s a fair blanket statement - I think of XCOM where a lot of those mods just changed things up (altered how armor looked, Long War, etc.), so they may have been subjectively better for some people, but not everyone. I think what OP is getting at are the mods that everyone OBJECTIVELY wants / has wanted that help the player, vs just altering something based on personal preference (e.g. seeing health and ammo numerics of allies, etc.).

That said, this may have been what you were getting at, in which case I agree with you.

But Numeric UI was introduced into VT2 as ‘standard’ or ‘base’ or whatever you want to call it. Though it may have had a settings toggle, I don’t remember…?

Gaming communities have been turning to modders for decades. Was Everquest a fail because you had to run UI mods and map mods? Heck no it was a blockbuster for years w/o that stuff and we were happy to turn to modders to enhance an already great game.

Granted, DT needs work, no one will argue that. But saying we “shouldn’t have to turn to mods” is just a silly statement. You could conceivably say that about dozens of games with modding communities - and those games aren’t bad at all.

Let FS get their house in order so that they can start to address QoL improvements that they’ll most likely utilize current mods as a template.

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I think there is a fair difference between “I found a mod that i like that makes the game better / more fun / different for me” vs “I literally need to download an entire ass mod to deal with a feature that shouldn’t be in the game in the first place”.

I can understand the UI part of it because what everyone thinks is good UI design is extremely dependent on the game and the person. Some people want numbers next to things, some people like just the bars, other people want a ui that is off until something happens, people want all the info they can get, etc. The base game ui isn’t awful but imo it’s missing a lot of toggles and extra info that i like.

The perk reroll button is an objectively bad and unnecessary design choice that is mind boggling as to why it was even included. Past a certain point the cost of rerolling is free and you should really just be allowed to pick the thing you want since stats wise you will get the perk you want it’s only a matter of time spent. The perk reroll mod doesn’t even really fully fix it but it’s more of a mitigation of it so you aren’t wearing out or mouse or wasting 10-20 minutes of your time hitting a reroll button.

No, blanket statements are very rarely fair…

Yes, but I did phrase it poorly. There are difference between major overhaul mods like Long War though… or replacing Skyrims dragons with Thomas the Tank Engine… with UI enhancements that should preferably just be options in a menu if you want them or not.

At any rate, I’m dabbling in this crafting system, but I am not trying to get optimal gear as they clearly don’t want us to do that.

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