Modding Community: Quality of Life Mods (that should be in the game?)

Hey Guys, big fan of the game have been playing from the start and have about 883hrs of casual game play and love the game for its ‘community’ of players as everyone I have met (barr a small few) has been super helpful and not as toxic as most other games we play these days… I’ve not particularly delved into the modding of this game however can see the benefits of having a modding community such as Skyrim’s. However, as a regular player I have noticed a few setbacks regards modding this game.

First, when the game gets patched approved and sanctioned mods stop working and cause the game to crash, I believe this is up to the respective modders to update their mod to work with current patch. (I certainly could be wrong) But couldn’t the ‘trusted’ (approved /sanctioned mod owner) modder get assistance in getting their mod working the day the patch releases? It be nice to here this does happen and players can in a short time get back to playing with their preferred (modded) setup. What I think FS could do to help players understand this process is improve the MODS menu on the title screen not only to say they are sanctioned but whether they need fixing to work with current patch, maybe a developers/modders note to say which patch they work with.

Secondly, there are many quality of life mods that in my opinion should be in the game without the hastle of waiting/crashing/rebuilding what you had set up… for example I use the UI tweaks… I like to have a better idea of what buffs I have this adds the ability to put these on the hud… in the middle off to the side, place anything anywhere with regards to HUD and theres a number of presets made by the community but it crashes my game every patch…

Why can’t we filter items? Why do I have to unequip weapons to change an illusion? Why do I have to wait for the chests to open? why do I have to watch the intro? Why do I have to listen to Olesha disparaging walkthroughs? Why isn’t Armoury and Beastiary a resource every player should have,… AND Why can’t I select pre-built classes with different setups instead of having to swap talents/equipment back and for from completely different gamestyles in the same character (bardin ranger that gives a f*** and bardin ranger that doesnt)…

I would really love to hear the thoughts and ideas of the modding community I feel if we know what people have planned or want to try might give players another angle to play in betas to try out the modded realm… We dont hear enough about this when we play daily it be great to see different spells/weapons/classes/game modes and where are our limits how far can modders go?!


Every Beta is also for modders to see if their mod gets broken by anything, but it’s just less work to wait until the patch is out and look over the changes then, in the likely case that more gets broken then anticipated in the Beta. They all do it in their free time and doing double work is not preferable.
I don’t know how exactly FS communicates with modders in regards to updates and what they could possible break though.

As mods already need to be reapproved after a patch that breaks them, as every update needs to be approved, this should not be too hard, i think.

That’s a huge point for me too, there was one time when some mods where integrated into the game (like weapon switch fix, to a mediocre degree), but that was with 1.2.1 (16 Oct 2018), and the last sanction wave, 3, is almost a year old.
This means the last time someone made a look through all the applied mods and the approved ones and moved them a tier higher, was last year, which will soon be ‘the year before last year’.

Some very light mods, like Host Solo Quick Play Games, Chat Block, Parry Indicator, Notice Key Pickup etc. should already be integrated into the vanilla game. Maybe through something like an additional paket deal, like ‘integrated community mods’.
It would show much appreciation of the modding community and the community in general if FS would take them over to integrate and and update them.

Some other mods, like Reroll Improvements, which is a huge timesaver, and No Wobble (as a menu option), which is a huge relief for people with motion sickness, should be integrated as soon as possible too.


Thanks JayJay for your discussion, it be interesting to know where the dev’s/modders hang out. I like to think they’re in a discord discussing the game 24/7 but yes we all do have lives and I guess making a game doesn’t mean you start work on your next project asap its a long term investment. But that is why you lean on the community to give you quick fixes and thats where QoL mods could do so much for the game. I keep meaning to join Twitch chat to listen to the devs as I feel I know very little about the game outside the player-experience and J_Sat’s gone silent on youtube also.

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You’re right about one thing. There isn’t a lot of really good centralized, current information. There are so many nuances to this game and history that the majority simply don’t know. And it takes a long time to learn the nuances on your own. One of the reasons I made the Beastmen guide (which I need to update again for the banners and also because Plays TV is shutting down, so now I need to use a different platform for videos. RIP.).

It’d be awesome to have a number of these mods baked into the game. Also, here are some discords for Vermintide (One of which is mod related):

Official Discord:

Modding Discord:

Squirrel Squad:

Red Moon Inn:


ahh still playing but slightly disgruntled, I’ve started to crash again and getting some weird changes to game like Ranald’s not giving me much luck lately… has there been a stealth patch?! or have I simply not noticed some of the changes to V2 since WoM… It be great to have another round of mod approval and some feedback on why some of the QoL mods aren’t in the game… I particularly go about recommending Armoury and Beastiary and the Player List Plus and UI tweaks for the healing icons… some of these are essential for players just starting the game to get a glimmer of what complexity is behind all the button bashing… where’s J_sat?!

Some very light mods, like Host Solo Quick Play Games, Chat Block, Parry Indicator, Notice Key Pickup etc. should already be integrated into the vanilla game. Maybe through something like an additional paket deal, like ‘integrated community mods’.

This. Mount and Blade do a pretty good job with the modding community. They’ve even made an expansion based on a players mod. Now idk how compensation worked between the two parties but it was done and to high praise by the community.

Some QoL mods should be integrated into the base game already.

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I want normal dummies in my keep - the one which accurately represent the damage I deal to all armour/enemy types…
I want to reiterate not some spawn mod on a modded realm - i want dummies in my keep.


I think some UI improvements must make it into the game: i can’t believe there’s no indicator for bleeding characters (white health) and NB. I also strongly suggest to put player’s list plus into the game, so we can see lodouts and talents of allies - it really helps choosing party composition, correcting accidental mistakes (who’s never forgot the wrong talent after changing it for whatever reason?) or giving advice to new players


Um… actually there’s this mod, which enormously improves GUI which shows a red skull next to grey health.

Title of the thread: Quality of Life Mods (that should be in the game?)


This seriously needs more consideration. Either implement the approved mods in the game ASAP, or indeed get a system running that keeps them working or warns players which mod is creating issues after a patch.

Right now patches in the game are a players worst nightmare!

Playing without the improved combat mod is making me conscious of how much they suck. They don’t pick up stuff when you tell them to, etc. This should not be a mod, it should be integrated asap.

Haha, honestly playing without any mods makes me notice how much I rely on many of them and feel like they are a normal part of the game. Like instant crafting instead of having to hold the button. Having the added kill tweak & buff position on my screen, ammo counter and other stuff.

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Having a few crashes again just now, makes me realise how bad a state the game is in right now.

I also feel something like notice key pick up is a super usefull mod, that definitely should have been in the game from the first moment. It also doesn’t seem crazy hard to implement into the core when taking a bit of time for it.

UI enhancements may be a little more work I guess, but nonetheless there are some awesome mods improving by giving numbers to health bar, ammo and other stuff for yourself and allies (ult cooldowns as well). So simple, yet such an improvement if you ask me. Just having some options on what to turn on or off would be great. In a game like this adjusting the UI to what fits your style and needs would go a long way to improving the game in general.

Now the mods do all this and a lot more (accessing gear and talents for all your characters, making crafting easier and less of a drag, and so on, and so on). However when every patch breaks those mods, you are left with either not playing again for ages till they get fixed (and soon after another patch comes), quitting and not playing at all, or simply playing the game without mods, which now feels like… well… lazy work honestly.

That kinda scares me, cause if many players keep leaving, being pulled back for a little while by new content (DLC with maps or other additions), only to realise the huge issues with the game and leave again, the player count dropping would mean less full games. In a co-op game I would say that is a giant issue.

That’s not the base behaviour. They broke with 3.4

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