Possibility to enforce "no mods" games and quality of life mods


enjoing vt2 a lot, after playing vt1 for too many hundreds of hours. Just read about the intend of using something to enforce clean games, which brings me to the question/suggestion.

Are there any plans on implementing some (imho urgently) needed quality of life functionality?
In particular I’m talking about

  • displaying item properties of other players, that the group really should know about for advanced team play (examples: like increased bomb range, healing oneself when using bandages on another, regeneration for the inability to heal oneself, …)
  • personal blacklist for players, so we at least have to suffer toxic players only once.
  • equipment sets that can be applied quickly (also great if those can be used to determine which items bots should use, those often differ from the ones a player would use)

and probably a lot others. If modding and cheating is considered one and the same on official servers, please give us the functionality that improves gameplay in the core game.

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