Another discussion about the banlist mod from VT1

I’m sure all VT1 vets are aware of this, but maybe only a few know Fatshark’s position on implementing it in VT2. A few months ago, I got a response from them regarding it. Essentially, they don’t want people who don’t use mods affected by the mods of others in a negative way. Fair enough.

I’m not a modder, but it seems clear enough that this policy in no way stops someone from preventing themselves from joining toxic players’ lobbies. When you join a game, I’m sure there’s information passed back of who the host is. I don’t know if it goes so far as to inform your client of everyone else in the game, but that might be going too far with it anyway. (ie If it’s a pub and said toxic player is unrelated to the host, it’s likely the other players would support a votekick if things get out of hand. If it’s a friend of the toxic player, and they’re both toxic, you can just additionally add the other player to your list.)

I know the game is nearly at its first release anniversary, and much like in VT1, the players who have stuck around are much more tolerant and patient than those who have moved on from the title. It wouldn’t have a lot of application, but I’d still appreciate having a tool to ensure I didn’t land in a lobby with a host I’ve experienced having a bad-attitude.

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