grieving and harrasment

So I was playing a game with a friend last night … when someone joined our game. His behavior inside the game was pretty terrible … no playing with the team, just trolling around and all the rest of the good stuff.
So we decided to kick him cause we just didn’t want to play with him anymore.
Not even 2 minutes after that he rejoins … only throwing insults around … so we kicked him again … and again he would just rejoin via the lobby browser. That went on the hole game and i was realy getting tired of wasting time kicking that guy.
So what are the options in that case? … well … i can kick him … over and over and over again.
I can mute him aswell! … but that doesnt realy do much if someone just joins your game to grieve!
I can put the game on private … but then nobody else will fill up the slot and you have to kinda play with 1 or more players down.

So to prevent that from happening … would you kindly give us an option to either completly ban people or maybe just give them a timeout … so they can’t just insta reconnect to the game? Maybe an option to delist the lobby from the lobbybrowser? … idk … it was realy frustrating

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Can’t you just block him on steam?

That doesn’t help

Really? I would of thought a block on steam stops him from entering any game with you… Guess there’s no way to stop them from rejoining then.

You can de-list from the lobby browser by pressing Tab in-game and hitting the private toggle. That said, we’re looking in to locking kicked players out of the lobby they were booted from.


After blocking one salty boy on steam I still was able to join his lobby again and again. I doubt he can’t join mine

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I recall you could still join people in VT1 by using features listed on Steam itself, getting into a private lobby regardless. Has this been looked into in VT2 or is it still a wormhole?

The work going in to fixing so kicked players cannot join back in would cover that too. Might jam up a bot during the process however. It’s all a bit icky.


That would be realy nice …

I’ll have to say griefing and being a troll happen more frequently to me when I drop down to Champion - and if I’ve had a skinful - Veteran. People are demonstrably worse players at lower difficulties, not because they’re new but because people seem to be a lot… shittier… as the requirement to concentrate is reduced.

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maybe kill him and don’t revive him… obviously that would be the last choice like in the scenario u described

so how does that fix the problem? … you still have that idiot in your game … and have to play with atleast 1 player down

I had someone with toxic behavior as well just now. He refused to take a grimmoire and kept arguing with us. At the end of the mission, he wanted us to vote kick the player who argued with him and then he quit as a host. Wasted a full book legend run for all of us.

I have screenshots of the conversation and player in-game names; couldn’t get his steam ID. I would like to report him and send the screenshots to anyone from Fatshark support if you guys can do anything about it.

Looking forward to future updates to avoid and report those people.

You can get SteamID by going into the Steam Overlay via Shift-Tab, going into Recent Games. They’ll be listed. Steam keeps a list of everyone you play with.

just give us a freaking ban list already. had a jerk join my game yesterday and he immediately friendly fired the entire team with his grudgeraker. killed us all before we even knew what was going on. I thought the bot was going haywire at first since he replaced the bardin bot.

thankfully we were still early in the level so it wasn’t so bad. but please, either let us ban people or just disable friendly fire completely. giving sociopaths a way to ruin a game isn’t a good thing.


Whts up with the “prevent from kick” -system at the end? It’s still bugged…

Last night i joined a game on athel. 2 ppl were already dead through a horde + spawn (St the first tome). I kitet the spawn over the whole map and killed him. (Played BW)
We went on and 5m before the end a horde appears. My team grpd up behind a wall and i was out and killed the whole horde with a fireball staff alone. Like every other mage with hordeclear.
Then i asked, if someone could aid me. (I was still grey from joining with NB and there lied a medpack.)
Their reaction: No, stop playing solo etc. and they kicked me.
I joined instant again to hope for the protection system, because i still needed this map for okri in the BW. I got kicked again AT THE END… so i tried again. ^^ i spawned dead, they fd it up and lost -.-

I had a lot of those Games, because ppl want their green circles, mentioned i play with NB or lost a grim at the end(CoD), while they died about 3 times already.
I dont really have a big problem with it, but there is a system that should prevent it, but it doesnt.

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