Let host ban players from joining.

I have met bad players ranging from regular noobs, that just need lead, to literal sociopaths, the most fun for which is picking heavy weapons and stalking particular parties, or even people, trying to ruin the game by killing teammates.

Let the host block people from joining the game at all. Either for the current party or forever, with voting or without, just give people that option.

P. S. Yes, I, personally, have been stalked this way. Had to change nickname to shake off the creep. For now.


To block people on Steam:

Press Shift + Tab.

VIEW PLAYERS > RECENT GAMES > Profile > Arrow down, next to ‘Add Friend’ > Block All Communication

This stops them from being able to join your game completely. It also stops you being put into their games if you queue Quick Play.

Sadly it does not kick them.

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Host kick is an awful system and you have to thank this function being part of the Vermintide 1 modding that we had sanctioned mods. No, a single person should never be able to kick players on a whim. I have seen more control-addicted bossy hosts than I have seen griefers trying to actively ruin your game.

However, as Kitten pointed out you can block players through Steam which disables them from joining future games. Seeing your OP, I assume this should solve your issue with people stalking your games.


I’ll try that next time, thank you.

Do note that blocking players only prevents them from joining lobbies that you, yourself, host. You can still encounter them in other people’s lobbies.

If you are having stalking issues I recommend reaching out to Fatshark and see if they can assist you. I believe @FatsharkJulia is usually the person to contact about such things.

Thanks. I never queue for quick play, always host myself. Not gonna see that creep again, I’m sure. Otherwise I’ll make sure of it next time I meet them.