Don't let Toxic Behavior ruin your experience!

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Found a few gems during quickplay.

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Yea i’ve seen more than a few people lately in campaign on a quest to stink up QP with deliberate friendly fire/comms blasting/rejoining to toss grims (jokes on you I just want 100 missions with the few careers I’ve neglected to now). Maybe its some kind of protest over the lack of updates.

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even tho i personally agree, calling out players is prohibited in the forum, even if they behaved awfully

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Just block those players in Steam.

Players on your block list in Steam should no longer be able to matchmake in to your lobby, and conversely you should not be matchmade in to theirs.

- Patch

You may also report those players at → Submit a Support Ticket → Query Type → Player Reports and Bans.


Thanks! Its not clear what to do. Ill submit a ticket next time !