[PC] Skulls for the Skull Throne 4 - Patch


The Skulls for the Skull Throne event is here on PC. The blood lust runs deep and Khorne seeks offerings through violence, destruction, and bloodshed.

  • By sacrificing for the Blood God you can earn time-limited loot , such as a new paintings .
  • An endless amount of skulls have found their way into Taal’s Horn Keep, and Lohner does not seem to mind.
  • The event will be playable on PC between May 28- June 11 .

Together with the Skulls for the Skull Throne event we are also freezing the Winds of Magic Leaderboards in preparation for Season 3 on PC.


Between May 28 - June 11

The new cosmetics (paintings) can be earned by completing the new event quests found in Okri’s Challenges. You can only receive these cosmetics during the Skulls for the Skulls Throne event.


  • Players on your block list in Steam should no longer be able to matchmake in to your lobby, and conversely you should not be matchmade in to theirs

HOTFIX: Fixed an issue where career level restrictions were inadvertantly lifted. Restrictions are back in place.


The game runs 100 times more smoothly like it did last time the event was up and running. no more fps drops. As previously though I suspect the now very smooth running game will revert back to fps drops once the event is over.
Maybe you should look into why the game runs so much better wiht the event ongoing. something in the code is doing something right


Paintings exclusive to a Blood for the Blood god event sound like they’re going to be some gnarly, metal as hell paintings! I’m in! :sunglasses:
Saltzpyre better not hunt me down for worshipping Khorne…

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If we see a proper trend in reports of improved performance I’ll be sure to raise a lot of flags. I know there was an nvidia driver update recently, and windows updates fly around all the time, all can bin or buff performance. It was just a small update, I’m not sure there were any engine changes, so peformance in the keep might be the only major difference?

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I was aware of the driver update and if it wasn’t because the same performance boost happen the last time the event was active I would have given the driver the credit as well

Just gonna leave this here…

Also, why no blood moon at night in the keep?
There is still a red light source at the brazier :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Thanks for the surprise event, with freezing leaderboards I can assume season 3 patch is fairly close :slight_smile:

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Community challenge frame! When ?! It’s been almost a month !

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I’m pretty sure they said it would come with the season 3 patch

It’s here ! Finally!

Any news about VERSUS mode?

I have 2 patches installed in May for Windows.
My graphic driver is uptodate from February.
I haven’t changed game settings.
I don’t think I did anything on my end to warrant this level of performance improvement.
If the event assests are old, whatever you put back in the game is better, what was used until now since the last time you fiddled with the graphics.
I would urge to revisit what was done for this event and take a very good look at it, because if you remove it and perf drops back again, that would be really embarrassing…

Are you seeing those improvements game-wide, or just logging in to the keep? We do agree, keep performance is important, but if it’s just the keep that has seen a benefit - we have a mid-term solution to that in the pipeline.

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@Fatshark_Hedge Is this event ever planed to arrive on console?

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Colors in the keep are also more vibrant.
All in all the event is making the game better in every conceivable way

Are we ever going to get this event on Console? I’ve been asking for it to come to Xbox for years now.

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Can you at least let us know why the Consoles have not received the Skull Throne event the last few years? Is there some kind of issue with Games Workshop that keeps this event off the console versions? I first asked about it in 2018.

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Up until very very very recently (moments before this years event on PC) we had to patch the game to change the keep, this needed to happen when the events started and when it ended. On console we just do not have the bandwidth to do that. Everything must be perfectly timed with the Games Workshop announcements and their event timings, which when you’ve less control over release schedules (as is the case with console patches) it’s been tricky.

The goal is to have these kinds of events and assets baked in to the game, and be able to switch them on and off from our side. This would increase the installation size so it’s not all upsides sadly, but it would allow us more flexibility with offering embargoed events on all platforms.

I believe Skulls on PC this year is our first test of being able to enable/disable events on a switch, rather than via a patch. It’s not a full implementation, but it’s a proof of concept. Once we get an idea of how it went when the event ends, it’s something we can look to move out to all platforms.


Thank you for the respond

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