Update has made the game run much smooter

The game runs much, much smoother after the skulls event has gone live. Much!


There is a surprising FPS increase since event activation.
Usually when I look out of the keep, I get 100ish FPS, while looking back inside drops it to around 50.
Now outside is around 140 and inside is up to 80.
My only fear is that this was an unintended change and things will go back to “normal” when it ends.

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Did a run to see for myself and my word, my game now stays consistently above 70 FPS, rather than dipping down to 40 in hordes. Stealth patch or unintentional I wonder?

Might even push my luck and try turning shadows back on :sweat_smile:

Don’t get carried away!

So you’re seeing increases in gameplay and not just the keep?

The keep is the most obvious improvement for me, but it definitely seemed like I was getting better frame rate in match as well. Have only played 1 game since the update and the FPS can be pretty level dependent so on my end can’t say anything definitively about improvements outside of keep yet.

Im getting FPS improvements both in keep and during missions. As alsozara said It’s most obvious in the keep though. Its like night and Day how much Better it runs

I never measure FPS, but the skull decors made my game slower in the castle. Speed in castle doesn’t matter much. I had no problem with speed during missions so far, however I cannot judge general performance from random QPs.

The hub maybe got a little better, but the game is still 40 fps fest for me, sadly. As usual though. No changes to me.

I’ve noticed improved performance in gameplay too, even on deeds with Vanguard, more frequent hordes, 2x specials, etc. This is a good development compared to past major updates. Most of the past major updates made performance worse in my case.