Skulls for the Skull Throne event for Console, Please


Please add the Skulls for the Skull Throne event to Xbox/PS4 this year.

I’ve been playing since Verm 1 was released on Xbox. One thing that got me into the Warhammer universe originally was Khorne. I just liked the kill them all attitude, the brass motifs, and the throne of skulls.

I originally asked about the Skulls for the Skull throne event on this forum back in late 2018. I had seen that my friend that plays both PC and Xbox had some cool Khorne portrait frames on his PC account. We didn’t get the event in 2018 because the game wasn’t released on console yet. But I had asked for it to come to Xbox.

We still didn’t get the event in 2019 for unknown reasons. Probably adding the game to PS4 took up too many resources, and getting that platform up to speed was more of a priority. I know these things aren’t trivial to add to the game, so that’s why I’m asking for it now. We’ve got 3 months before this event historically arrives.

Please give the console game the chance to participate in the Skull Throne event this year. Khorne is my favorite thing in the Warhammer universe, and I’d love to play this game decked out in Khorne motifs.

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I’ve asked for this every year since console launch, but please include the Skulls for the Skull Throne event on console this year. I love the look of the Khorne keep, and would love to get the Khorne frames on Xbox. Even if it isn’t for the official GW event, you could still give console a “Khorne Week” event with these items and keep. We’ve had the midsummer, Halloween, and midwinter events on Xbox before, so events do happen on console. Please let us enjoy the skulls.

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