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Does anyone know all the events that were done in V2 during this year? For example Khorne event, solstice of summer, halloween …

I know that the first one was the Khorne event but I don´t remember the date of the others.

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Skulls for the Skull Throne, Sonnstill (midsummer), Geheimnisnacht (Halloween), Mondstille (Christmas/midwinter), and now the Anniversary have been the first year’s in-game Events, in chronological order. Each one brought with it at least a few new Portrait Frames, and many had the Keep with (temporary) special decorations too.

It isn’t many, but the start was plagued with bugs and a lot of time went to dealing with those. The devs have stated their will (and intent) to do more now that both balance and bugs have gotten to a better spot.

Of course, there has been a few more significant things, such as the Big Balance, approved mods, and each DLC, but those weren’t what you asked about.


Do you know when this events will come to Xbox? I think that even the twin event and the other one in the tabern hasnt released yet.

Xbox version wasn’t out for most of these events. I guess they will be reoccurring events with different rewards? I remember FS said on a stream that once you miss an event portrait, that’s it.

Hedge hinted in another thread that the xbox and ps4 will get the current event, 1 year anniversary when it’s their actual 1 year anniversary.

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