Past Events Question

I had taken a long break between the months of April to October and I recently found out that I had missed a few events. I do not know how many I’ve missed during that time but I know I’ve missed the Skull Throne and Sonnstill events. Those events gave little frame portraits rewards during the event.

My question is will those events return with the same frame portraits for those people who have either missed the event or for new players wanting those particular portraits? I really don’t mind if I never get the Skull Thrones one but the Sonnstill portrait is so pretty! I just absolutely love the flowers and I’m devastated that I missed that event.

One of the fatshark employees answered this question on the last stream. Well, kind of. She made it clear that event frames were for events, so yea.

I bought the game after the Skull Throne one, so I don’t have it either. Not a huge loss though - I don’t usually wear frames at all, but I can understand this from a collectible POV. Also events usually bring at least some kind of diversity to the game, so if you’ve missed them, the frames are hardly a substitute for the actual completion of the goals.

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