Sonnestill Event - Event Frames?

Is there any chance we may get an Event Frame for this event?

In the early two years of Vermintide 2, every event had one or sometimes two frames to get. But in the last two years, there have almost been no frames and many events just had nothing at all. I thinm I have gotten two frames in this time and I didn’t miss a single event.

This is really frustrating and kinda destroys the concept of having frames as exclusivity features, since early players had plenty of chances to get stuff, but newer (2years) players get almost nothing at all.

For halloween 2020, the passing event frame hasn’t even been activated as the years before. Why is that? This feels like it is not fair for the players that came along the way.

And I am not saying to give out the old frames (even if I had no bigger wish, but this is not fair either), but give the active players now the same chances of getting exclusive cool frames, as earlier players had.

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Yes! It would be nice if the special frames were not given for participating in an event that will never be repeated, but rather for the time spent in the game. Or if events with special rewards were repeated after 2 or 3 years, for example.
The same for seasons in the weaves. I would like to be able to finish the past ones sometime.

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Some games I played solved this beautifully and maybe fatshark could implement something similar:

Old exclusive frames have been brought back but the year of the second release has been added in the corner. This way newer players may get some cool frames, that they missed and may complete their collection and older players have still the same distinguished exclusivity of being there from the beginning etc.

I would love this to happen.
They could make them available to catch at certain times or for certain achievements.


Time exclusive frames are fine as long as there are not too many ‘events’.

I agree that the current summer and Halloween events should have their own frames, but I’m against bringing back old ones as this would just be another lazy option for Fatshark to put in essentially zero effort. I really don’t see the point of them celebrating an event for which there is no reward.

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Personally, I like events just because they are events. I like the atmosphere that something is celebrated and I play more when it’s XP x2 or x3, even though I’ve had everything for a long time. It’s nice that the environment in Taal’s Horn Keep changes from time to time and it’s not that boring. And how much I love those stories!
The only thing that bothers me is that I can’t really finish the game and have everything. I’m a collector like probably everyone who spent more than 1000 hours in this game…

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