Picture frames based on level past 35 ? (reply with ideas)


I’ve been playing Vermintide for a while now with 3k hours. I was wondering if Fatshark would consider adding frames for the veteran players for levels past 35?

Example: 100 + levels , 500+ levels, 1000 + levels

I know there is a 1000k limit on inventory and frames count toward that. Limiting them seems to be how fatshark is dealing with it instead of fixing inventory :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. It would just be nice to see some hardcore player frames out there.

What does everyone think? Let me know.

Vormar Mishap


I personally cannot answer myself a simple question: why? Showing off your huge throbbing ego to other players?


Wow, I guess all those frames for achievements can go too then eh? (goodbye cataclysm fortunes of war frame, lol) Thanks for the feedback.

Anyway , like I said in my post “It would just be nice to see some hardcore player frames out there.” But I guess that’s just ego… (gota love it)


Yes, it is ego, yes, they can go too, and yes you’re welcome. Try to answer the ‘why’ question any other way and you’ll see.

Some frames just like some cosmetics are aesthetically pleasing, most of them aren’t. Special event frames (like vampire teeth) are a fun way to engage with the playerbase, but once you bolt them to plain old playing hours spent in game it instantly becomes an ego question. That’s just how people operate - ranking is in the blood.

And what is the problem with the idea of a frame that shows “ego” as you put it ?

Did I say there was one?

You seemed to despsie the idea…

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Don’t really see any harm in it. (Tough 1000 levels might be bit extreme)


Yes, and the second word of my first post in this thread is ‘personally’ :slight_smile: Isn’t that what feedback should be like?

You do know that a person wouldn’t have to actually select that as their frame right? Not sure what your ego problem is, just starting out ? :innocent: (and yes, you’re welcome, lol)

Anyhow, waiting for someone with feedback worth reading.


Oh you should’ve stated in the OP that you only want people to agree with you in it. Sorry - missed that. But thanks for the nice display of condescending behviour.

“and yes you’re welcome”

1000 levels seems fine honestly, unless it is implemented as one of Okri’s Challenges.
If it’s a hidden reward or if you receive the frame instead of the level +100/+500/+1000 commendation chest, I’m all for it.
If it’s a new challenge, I know people who have completed them all will complain, and rightfully so.


You’re allowed to disagree, but we also are allowed to disagree with you and try to have a discussion about that.
You’ve been condescendingly despising since your first post (even if it is indeed your opinion and stated as such), and in a way that I do not find constructive.

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Right? Not to many others out there that have that amount of levels past 35. I mean, if it’s a nice frame and people want it, they might work toward getting a character or 2 that high.

But don’t use it, cause , ego is the devil :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Still I feel like it should be “somewhat” reasonable thing to achieve. To context I got around 1600h played on vermintide and my highest level career is somewhere in the 400:s. With my current play rate I could be at 4000h and still not have the final one for a single career :stuck_out_tongue:

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Agreed, I’m not sure what levels past 35 would be a good point to hand out a frame.

Suggestions/feedback worth reading? :slight_smile:


Good idea. Also, I think it would be nice to give out The Eternal Serpent frames as a reward for loyalty - to those who play for thousands of hours and/or have been with Warmintide from day one.

Anyway, I hope you remember that there are over forty unused frames left in the game files?

They just need to be activated in some way. Not much time left!

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oh ya, Loyalty frames or something like that sounds better. Great idea!

Here is a fast pasted frame for fun - I call it EGO :sunglasses: (copyrights pending :ok_hand:)
WH frame 100 levels

Any artists out there ? I suck


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Well, there is a reason why Fatshark removed the “actual” level from being displayed. Because it lead to … erratic behaviour in Vermintide 1.

Granted, we already have Frames which have a similar effect and there are so many frames that not using the “pro-gamer” frames doesn’t tell much. Personally, I still find the concept rather silly. I too often see people using borderline ugly frames just because they were hard to get and the want to show off. Or my aesthetic sense is just … different.

If added anyhow it should be the sum over all characters and not one for each character. Also

Fatshark surely is not limiting Frames. We have a good one hundred of them. And sure as hell I probably wouldn’t miss at least half of them.

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