155 Hours of Play - Seen Enough to be Done with this Game

I’ve given this game a fair shake at around 155 hours of play and unfortunately I’m done with it for the following reasons. Here’s some feedback with a pinch of salt, take it or leave it:

  • This game disrespects player time with RPG/MMO level of grind in an action / FPS game.
  • The game used to be about skill, not some arbitrary number ticking up in the background that defines if you can take on higher difficulties. Now you only get to play the actual game after a nonsensical grind to an arbitrary level cap.
  • New enemy types have no character, no funny or memorable voice lines, just bland boring zombie groans. It may as well be L4D2 with slightly better graphics.
  • Cosmetics are nowhere to be seen and veteran items either don’t show up or the game gives you 3 of exactly the same thing.
  • 1/4 to 1/2 of the hero talents don’t even do anything, as other people on this forum has shown.
  • None of the QOL or bot changes that it took the community to provide the first game were even considered as required for release. Too big to admit that they were needed?

Bugs, bugs everywhere. This game was not ready to be released, not balanced and full of too many bugs to mention but the main ones that ruin it:

  • Quick switch is broken and you still haven’t done anything about it. More games are lost due to this infuriating crap than anything else.
  • Tons of weapons just swing straight through enemies and don’t even make contact. At this point why even hit start on the launcher.
  • A whole chaos warrior patrol just decides to materialise in front of your face and wipe your team, fantastic gameplay…
  • Useless, brain dead bots - They want to constantly stand right in your line of fire and almost intersect you at all times, do not fall back to your position and instead stand hacking away at whatever aggro’d them, won’t pick up grims, won’t pick up tomes, don’t prioritise downed players and don’t used ranged weapons properly.

Vermintide 2 was a definite pre-order, or so I thought, since it’s Vermintide again but only better right!..

Wrong, and it’s the perfect reminder of why never to be suckered into a pre-order, assuming that they’ll take everything great about the last game and make it better.

Instead of what was great in V1 it’s an insulting RPG style grind in a non free to play game. A grind worse than some MMOs and has been tacked on in a ham fisted attempt to lengthen playing times and gate players from progressing. RPG grind brought into an action FPS game where it was never asked for or required.

You got my money, well played. You won’t get any more unless there are serious revisions and you certainly won’t be getting any future pre-order.


Yeah I’m pretty well at the point that I’m going to take a break as well. 260 hours, only vet items are repeat necklaces, no cosmetics, every night I open my vaults after grinding and I just get pissed off, its not healthy.


If you have 155 hours played already, of course you’ll be tired of the game. That is quite excessive. I agree with you on some of these points, but maybe just try taking a break? You may find your enjoyment increasing tenfold if you’re not grinding the game day after day.


I wouldn’t grind the game if there wasn’t a grind.


I just play the game for fun, when I feel the need to take heads or smash skulls. It’s as much of a grind as you want it to be.


Responding point by point as you listed.
“The game used to be about skill, not some arbitrary number ticking up in the background that defines if you can take on higher difficulties. Now you only get to play the actual game after a nonsensical grind to an arbitrary level cap.”
The game is still about skill. The grind is fine to learn the new talents and introduce new enemies at lower difficulty. It doesn’t take very long at all to get your first hero to 300 and unlock champ and legend. You don’t need to be lvl 30 to run champ or legend. We completed champs last night with level 5s and 10s. We completed Legendaries in low 20s.

“New enemy types have no character, no funny or memorable voice lines, just bland boring zombie groans. It may as well be L4D2 with slightly better graphics.”
Idk what you’re talking about here man. Maybe you have the music turned up too high and can’t hear them? The blightstormers have cute little terror rhymes about succulent vitality and generous gifts pretty creepy stuff. Chaos Warrior taunts you with “A child’s strike” and “You will feed the swamp” and other cool stuff, just a little hard to hear.

“Cosmetics are rare”
Ya they are and I’m not happy about it either.

“1/4 to 1/2 of the hero talents don’t even do anything,”
That’s an exaggeration I think and they have already fixed a lot of talents. Some remaining ones seem only to work when you are host.


Yes I agree with you there. Quickswap is the real enemy it seems.

“tons of weapons miss”
Only a few I know of, exec sword and third hit of glaive (which I never use anyway). so a bit of an exag

“Silent chaos warrior patrol”
Yeah I agree, chaos warrior patrol doesn’t make enough noise even when its noise is working. But cw and sv patrols have a bad habit of getting stuck somewhere and then just standing around silently until you turn a corner and they agro you. They need to just remove chaos patrols from the game imo even if they did work properly it shouldn’t be a thing. I don’t think they’d be on patrol like that in lore.

Seems bardin and kruber bots can be pretty good but others ya need some work.

The levelingn and loot experience is fine up until you start chasing reds, then it is ridiculous. But lack of reds doesn’t invalidate my fun of the first few hundred hours. It just means I won’t be very motivated to play another few hundred more.

I think the game needed another month or two in beta, but I have faith in Fatshark to fix it. It is playable for the most part but some things are a disappointment. Quick swap being crappy is I think the number one annoyance for me since I feel constrained by the controls.

Fatshark has always put out great DLC so I’m down for that. I just hope they don’t make the mistake of releasing DLC before fixing these core problems. Remember you got two free maps for Vermintide 1 by Preordering Vermintide 2. It was a pretty good value I think and the game was only $25 half price a normal big title. And I’ve gotten a lot more fun and time played from V2 than most other games.


not saying there aren’t issues i have plenty myself , but 155 hours … id call that value for money myself. besides stuff will probably get fixed then you can always play more later.


There is no grind but the grind you bring. there is nothing you need to play the game you cant craft quickly and easily , red and cosmetics would be nice (im 160 hours in myself and have zero of either) but there is no need to grind for them. they dont do anything and besides will almost certainly be ways of acquiring them later through some bounty board or whatever addition.

i hit play because i feel like playing the game , if you need that progression treadmill your really in the wrong place, but the good news is there are tons and tons of games out there that offer that.


5.5 hours of entertainment per 1 euro spent? Pretty solid deal. Here you’d have to pay 15 euros to see a 1.5 hour movie that turned out to be poop. Then pay 5 euros to get home with the drunkards and the idiots on the train instead of being at the comfort of ones own home. I am at 151.7 hours atm, so I guess I better get ready to find a new game!


For all it’s bugs, I still love it. Only 20 something hours in though. It added almost everything the 1st game lacked. More enemy types, bosses and loadouts.
If you’re just in it for the grind, I feel sorry for you. Wacking entire packs as a slayer or backstabbing rothelms with a shade can feel so thrilling. Not to mention all the other moments of satisfaction.

I was pretty satisfied with the game until I hit cap. I thought the classes could use some more impactful talents to encourage build diversity but otherwise it was solid. Then you hit item lvl 300 and the game turns to hell if you’re trying to get anything to show for your time.

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155 hours of play for $25 - $30 is a fantastic investment IMO. As well, that’s like 40 hours a week lol. I’d be more surprised if you didn’t burn out.

Take a break, go do other things, and come back when the game has had a slew of patches and maybe you can learn to play the game here and there for fun instead of obsessively. It’s great that you liked the game that much, but it really is better when you break that first feverish play streak and have a wealth of options to play depending on what you feel.

I go through spells like that too. But, for games like this, you usually end up coming back and it welcomes you like an old friend with new shiny things.


Honestly, if you got 100+ hours of play then it is well worth the money. Think about all the games you or others have spent $60 on and only got maybe 20-40 hours or play. So if it kept you going for that long, it is money well spent.

As others have mentioned it really sounds like you burned yourself out of the game. It might be time for a break. Take a break and in the meantime I am sure Fatshark will fix some of the bugs and they might do some adjustments as far as the loot drops, we will see. So take a break and just come back when you are ready.

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No one is debating the hour/dollar ratio of vermintide, people are saying it doesn’t have an end-game. If your answer to that is to say “Well it took so long to get there you got your moneys worth!” then you and I have fundamentally different viewpoints on what makes a solid game.

Edit Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about this, we just have to wait for FS to get around to implementing it. I suspect it’ll happen around the third DLC in August.


It wouldn’t be so bad if there was an apparent progress to the grinding. Also, people sometimes have no idea what they want when they are asking for an endgame; there can usually only be one and barely anyone can agree on what it should be. It’s a fundamental flaw with so many games.

The gameplay is enjoyable (when it works) but people want to see their favorite classes and loot be able to push a certain boundary is what I’m getting, and Legend (again, when it works/has good rng) doesn’t fully compensate for that experience.

V2’s launch was rough, like its predecessors. If it’s anything like the last game, they will fix a majority of the issues and redo certain mechanics. I would just give them some more time.

This is something ambitious for a smaller development team; if this was a triple-A title then I would be disappointed too, but then again I don’t see a whole lot of triple-A developers making hack-and-slash FPS games. I just wouldn’t be so quick to write Fatshark off entirely.

It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t feel like FS had misled me into believing this was a finished product. From their PR, heroic deeds were going to be the end-game grind for people to do and get special rewards for. That system isn’t in the game, heroic deeds are instead rare drop, single use missions that give you an extra lootbox or two.

If the game wasn’t in a finished state, or placeholder systems were still in use that are planned to be changed, give us some feedback. The longer they wait, the angrier and larger the mob is going to get. To illustrate this, I made a post a week ago discussing the end-game and its current state, and how I was just the tip of the spear and that others were going to get to where I was and find the same problems, and now they are, and more will continue to.

I completely agree that they should’ve communicated things a lot better to the community. I was dismayed with how the collectors edition turned out to be, particularly with the skins.

They need to address deeds too, since they either offer little challenge or a ton of challenge (sometimes too much) but the rewards don’t reflect the difficulty.

It becomes a debate of “why bother?” trying to do a deed that you will probably wipe on a lot and completing it will take almost twice the time, but only give you two champion generals chests or something. It’s quicker just to grind matchmaking and hope for the best. These are the issues I don’t want to stick around, and I’m hoping Fatshark doesn’t either.

^^ these two points sooo hard. Good synopsis of what is really wrong OP. It is refreshing to see someone else who shares this key insight. :wink:

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I dislike the current way deeds work in general. I think its silly I have to get a rare drop to do what is essentially a challenge mode. I’m good at the game so I need to get lucky to try harder maps? Its insulting.

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legendary deeds are the endgame.
the low drop rate for reds doesn’t mean there’s no end game. the game itself is there, the rewards aren’t.

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ya once you complete deeds you should be able to use the modifiers or replay without extra chest or something. mods will probably allow that easy.

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