Lots of people quitting it seems

26 friends play Vermintide 2 steam tells me , 3 days ago that number was 40. Doing some legend runs today, for whatever reason (cause nothing will drop anyway) and decide to ask my usual crew if they want in, I was greeted with “no” “f*uck no” and “not till FS fixes this buggy game”

The point im making is that while a DLC and new content would be cool, the lack of promised content for release coupled with the fact this game has countless technical errors has clearly driven people off or at least made them upset (spend like 2 seconds on the forums for proof).

I think perhaps a new DLC this early before making sure the actual game functions smoothly is a bit ambitious, just my two cents on the matter.


don’t worry when FS dev takes their well deserved holidays and breaks and start rolling out patches and upgrades, they’ll come back.

it’s a solid game, needs some time to mature.


I’m actually mitigated about leavers.
I mean VT2 sold more copies in 2 weeks than VT1 in his entire life.
What do you get when a game gets popular ? Trolls and kids (bad kids, not just kids).
The good point Vermintide got is that the game is hard. The first one survived fairly well with a loving community with very very few cheaters and troll/toxic.
This one is amazingly toxic rn. So if salty people are going to leave, I won’t mind.
Sure it’s always sad for a game to lose a part of community, but if it’s a rotten part and he can survive without, it’s for the best <3

PS : I’m not saying you friend are salty toxic kids, obviously a lot of people will leave soon, but when FS will fix it, toxic players would have move on, while loving players will come back :slight_smile:


hmmm not in my experience. there are a few bad eggs about, but in quickplay people generally want to finish quickly.

compared to some other games i won’t mention, the community here is quite matured imo. rofl


Must say the same as a friendly person up above me. What i pretty much see when i farm champ for fun with pubies are people that don´t understand the mechanics of the game. It makes them angry and then the blame war start (not talking about actual bugs like stucked silent patrols, gatling firing trough walls or any other that needs fixing) I seen my deal of people thinking they can pass this game just with they ranged weapons, thinking this is some kind of shooting contest in terms who deal most FF. I mostly have most melee kills from group cause i play BH and falchion is straight up strong in hands of person who knows what to do.

Oh and i m not even talking about pulling groups of mobs you dont even need to or killing patrols while using resources you could rather save while you just avoid them. the mindset of these new players is wrong and they dont understand this game is about going trough path of least struggle and finish mission quick before increased amount of hordes, specials come to kill you.


I quit playing right now. I done all maps on legend, so whats the point? With my ~200 hours play (mostly on champ and legend) i didnt see any red items. All what i see - lags, bugs and BM-players. And ofc i didnt see any balance in the game right now. I cant even see my hp or current critchance. Or how much effect some of my talends (or even ults) do.
If fatshark wanna ppl to play this game - they need to do a better job, and respect the player base. Clearly -“we dont show you any numbers cuz u too stupid, deal with it lol” - is real disrespect.


Is this an actual quote (or rather paraphrasing one) or are you making it up?

i fail to see how showing people numbers will change any of the gameplay at all. if a longbow kills a legend special in 2 hits, it will still kill it in 2 hits even if the damage numbers show. if you know how many targets the hammer hits in a swing, how will it change gameplay? everything will still remain the same. fatshark isn’t disrespecting the player base, it is you who are ungrateful to the amount of hard work that’s been put into this game.

you have played all maps and all content on legend, which means you’ve experienced the game in it’s entirety. all the beautifully crafted maps, animated enemies, character design, voice work, music, ambience, combat system, game flows and an obviously balancing-in-progress talent tree. yet you chose to focus only on bugs that they’re working on currently - all released games have bugs, they’re working on it.

18 days - 432 total hours have passed since 9 march, and you said you have played for over 200 hours. assuming you have 8 hours of sleep each day, that’s 200/288hours spent since the game has launched. you’ve burnt out on it, then insult the devs who have done great work and are probably struggling to fix major bugs and push out new features. THAT is being disrespectful.


Because its really important on some abilities to even KNOW what they do?
Mistress of Sacrifice wants a call.


fair enough, some talents do need better indicators of when they proc.


I would already be happy to have an indicator similiar to blockangle on weapons.
But who am I kidding, Herald or Fletcher are they way to go anyway.

  1. I play since 1st closed beta.
  2. -“HURDURR HARD WORK BLAME URSELF BE GRATEFUL” - This is not how it work. We all PAY for this game, you know? And we can expect good work from devs for our moneys. And also we can expect some sort of respect.
  3. Its not your or devs buiseness - why im or over players need this numbers, and you cant tell us -“you dont need this”. This is 2018 ad right now, we can expect by default such things. Again this is 2018, players usually dont need to datamine for hp pull or weapon base crit chance. Or what exactly this talend do.

You don’t think it’s unfair to count beta playtime since reds were not implemented in the beta?

Ok -“I play 150+ hours, open alot of legend emperor chests and see nothing” Happy now?

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Maybe they are waiting for the 1.0 release. Playing a beta for so long can get stale.

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Don’t worry, once this game leaves Early Access and is actually finished and debugged it’ll bring people back.


Such an entitled attitude though. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for serious maintenance post release - but facts are facts. It is in fact their business whether to include certain information or not, for good or for bad. Its a private sector, its their game and their reputation at stake, not yours. So yes, it is entirely up to them. Throwing tantrums for someone else’s design decisions just because they’ve made choices different from ones you’d like is ludicrous. Scummy developers will just outright abandon a game once they got their money and there is nothing you as a consumer can do about it other than not support the developer in the future.

Obviously critical feedback has its place and FS has had a HUGE load of that to read through and hopefully implement in the future. Oh, and there are scores of successful games out there that hide information and are datamined. In fact, its a well known strategy among certain games. Might be frustrating for some, but it seems to be working for quite a few games.


I hear once DayZ leaves Beta its going to be great!


i think it’s apparent to everyone lol

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Obviously I’ve seen more toxic communities, but, eh, this thread speak for itslef.
It’s been less than a month the game came out and there are already so much people complaining that they have nothing to do because of how ling they played and no red drop.
Quick message to these people : Let’s admit they buff red drop, you got red on the weapon you want, then what ? You’re full geared and have already done Legend. What’s your next goal in the game ? While you don’t have red, you have a reason to come back playin’ (other than fun as it seems you don’t enjoy playing anyway).

To go back to our subject, sure all the Xx-Legolas-xX annoys me (not only elves, every people thinking they can solo run while dying 1v1 with SV), but I’m also, and even more, annoyed by elitist f* than think every character only got one decent weapon, that not level 25+ can’t play champ and that every FF or wipe require entire team kick or host leaving.
Yesterday I was leveling my Kruby to unlock Footknight, so I started Champ run. Out of 15 games joined, 2 group did not kicked me. We did well, a lot of full book run.
To sum up, what I get into “toxic” is nor friendly or communicative player. These are the people leaving en masse.

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