Can we get a section of the forum to just lambast FS please, my rage needs an outlet

There is nowhere on the forum or discord to express the vitriol I have in my soul for where this company has wound up, can we get a screaming into the void subsection.


Thank you Hedge

I’m so incredibly frustrated by the time I’ve put into Darktide, this game has no respect for its players and I can’t tell if its due to a lack of content requiring a constant loot treadmill to attempt to keep people playing or if its just general incompetence from Fatshark that they’ve shown over the last year.

You can’t make an entirely RNG dependent grind game and then invalidate that grind on people, thats insanely disrespectful.

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Ya i see that from the comunity sens VT2, how do you figure thay show there lack of respect for the comunity? The game despite what the comunity seems to think, launched far more conpleat and playable then most AAA games. And thay have been grinding for more patches and content, where is the disrespect?

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That place actually already exists.
It’s called the Steam Forums. Because every game on the Steam Forums has exactly this type of content (players spewing vitriol at the company).
You don’t even have to post there, just read.


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