Great forum community!

You’re all pretty great and it’s been a breath of fresh air interacting with the community here.

I was looking at the Steam Darktide forums… what a mistake that was. I’m grateful for the much higher level of maturity and willingness to legitimately help Fatshark make Darktide an amazing game.

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I got banned from the Fatshark forums for being homosexual. I am serious. They banned me for typing the sentence “I am gay.”

So, yeah, the forums are pretty good in that aspect.

Hahahha no offence meant but that’s kind of hilarious. What was their stated reason?

They said I was “too combative.” On a internet forum. By posting “I am gay.” One time. Very combative.

oh I get banned from steam forums all the time for insane reasons
they are literally unusable
steam moderators are a bunch of nazis

One really strange thing about the steam Forums is the inconsistency in moderation. I’ve seen people banned for basically calling someone a stinky poopoo head then on another forum there are threads with 100’s of replys of people calling each other horrible names and wishing death on each other’s family but no one is banned and nothing is ever done.

Steam isn’t a great community. I’m glad Fatshark has a separate Forum for people who don’t wanna deal with that nonsense.