Hedge Appreciation thread

I know you get a lot of flak (despite not being a Scab shooter :stuck_out_tongue:) on Discord and Steam, because you had to be the messenger of bad news a few times. And I see how unkind you are often treated here and elsewhere.

I just wanted to let you know, I notice how considerate you are with your available Moderation tools and how much you actually let slide, considering what’s often flung your way (including accusations of abusing your power when usually you haven’t even done any moderating and instead someone was auto-moderated by the community flagging system here or shut down by a Steam moderator not affiliated with Fatshark).

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. I just felt this needed to be said.
That is all. Just some words of encouragement. Have a great weekend / week (whenever you read this).



I 2nd every word of this. Hedge’s job has to be a nightmare but they handle it in stride. This ones to you Hedge!


Honestly from what ive seen him type in the DT discord he seems like a good guy, with a sense of humor that i liked lol.

People like to give the man a lot of flak but id say its way to much, light hearthed banter is totally cool in my book but as always some people take it way to far sadly.

Id love to sit down with some of the folks of FS beers would be on me :slight_smile:


I never had a problem with him. And he has been helpful in most cases.


good ol’ hedge, always useful to hear from when i was playing VT. i guess he made the redditors on darktide mad, but they’re a bunch of crybabies anyway so good for him.