Fatshark Appreciation

The game has had a shaky launch with performance and network issues, an incomplete crafting system, and a store with some questionably fomo design choices. Criticizing these things is more than fair. At this point however, the proverbial horse has been beaten, mauled, pummeled, dragged through the streets, drawn and quartered, minced, burnt to ash, resurrected through some daemonic incantation, and beaten some more. It almost feels like some of these folks complaining are going through some kind of psychosis with the wildly hyperbolic posts I’ve seen around the internet.

While I wouldn’t expect any of that to stop soon I’m just here to say thanks to all of you at Fatshark. I’m really digging your game. The passion and creativity are very clear to see and the game itself is such a joy to play. I’m closing in on 250 hours and have yet to have my fill of heretic purging and still keep hearing line after line of awesome dialog. The attention to detail, the incredible visuals, the bloody skulls peering out at me after crunching half a dude’s face off, the always delightful combat mechanics, the giblets galore on every run, its all just…chef’s kiss.

Keep your collective chins up and know we see you. You’re pumping out massive updates at a blistering pace and it’s already made a huge impact to the quality of the game.

To our lovely CMs, your occasional human moments aside, you’re doing great. Can’t wait for the next stream.

Finally, you’ve gotten FAR more right than you’ve gotten wrong in this game and should feel some sense of pride in what you’ve collectively created. I know there are lots of people who agree with me.

Now get back to work because I am really looking forward to all the cool new stuff you have in store for us. :wink:


You have to be joking right?! Is that a bait?


The gameplay really is incredible, along with the visuals, environments, attention to 40k detail, etc. I loved Vermintide (both of them) but this one…is just so much more visceral and varied and I love it. Just keep plugging away at the issues, balance, and adding more of everything.

Looking forward to the years to come. Maybe the rest of the community has lost sight of the core of the game, and yes some of the surrounding systems are not great or are on life support but the GAME is really good. Somehow Fatshark in their first attempt made more satisfying guns than most mainstream shooters ever achieve. So keep it up! Today’s update was another important step, hopefully you can keep to your crafting system schedule and we can move on to more exciting things like new classes, weapons, and maps!


The gameplay is. For the most part. The game itself is objectifiably not in a good state.


Yes, Kudos to Fatshark for making the game more unplayable with each patch. I haven’t been able to complete a mission since the xx.14 hotfix. Yesterday’s patch somehow made it even worse.

Agreed on all points.

“Hyperbolic” is exactly the word that popped into my mind as well for some of the complaints.

Overall I’ve had a great time playing this game.

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Has to be.

They’ve managed to add a SECOND volley of premium cosmetics and a previously “immeasurably complex” second page to the MTX store before:

  • Fixing the RNG shop in any meaningful way, even most basic stuff like guaranteeing 1 weapon of each type with each refresh
  • Fixing mission selection or even addressing it (yes yes, in the next weeks we know all PR talk by heart now)
  • Fixing merge squad team
  • Adding any cosmetics earnable through gameplay. Hell, we’re even missing the recolors for most Tier 2/3 penance cosmetics (Also nice work on the Psyker Malice & Heresy pants. The only notable difference is the icon on the thigh armor)
  • Addressing penance issues, bugs, and balance

All we hear is “STABILITY COMES FIRST!”, yet stability is f’d for a lot of people since the new patch, and MTX content is finely coming along in parallel.
And yes I know that the people working on cosmetics aren’t the same who work on stability, however can’t they for once work on stuff that won’t cost us EXTRA, despite having paid for the game?

I used to regularily dish out money for VT2 skins because I enjoyed the content and class, but this is just a matter of principle as it stands.