Positive Praise for FatShark

Despite the multitude of issues with the second Vermintide game, you guys have done a good job at continuing to fix it and support it. At heart, it is really an amazing game and I feel confident it will be even more amazing down the line once it is optimized and new content is added. The combat in this game (melee combat especially) is like none other. It has really ruined all other games for me because none stand up to it.

Finally, I wanted to suggest a few things you could add down the road.

You could add:
-New item traits (revamp the old ones too)
-New enemies (daemons of chaos, beastmen, etc.)
-New career classes
-Level 30 talents for all characters
-New maps of course
-New weapons
-Quests/contracts board (for guaranteed items like reds)


Very well said and some great suggestions. I hope fatshark knows that they have ruined all other melee games for me and I can’t wait to see what the game will be like in the future. Keep up the awesome work fs

I wold like to add 5 new classes with some new weapons… 1) Saltz, warrior priest one handed hammer and sheild plus 2 handed hammer. 2) Kruber Gunnery Sergeant, Hockland Longrifle scoped. 3) Bardin, Rune Smith , hammer and book that casts rune magic. 4) Seina, Matriarch, 2 handed Grand staff top end lore wise spells. 5) Kerillian, sister of slaughter barbed whip and sacrifical knife.

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I know it’s out of topic, but it just triggers my OCD. There’s no such thing as negative praise…

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map editor pls and thanks for game really love it fatshark

There is ironic praise tho.

There is, though it still simulates praise,which is positive by default. Besides, ironic doesn’t necessarily mean negative, it might be playful for instance.

I really like the idea of a runesmith or a sister of slaughter. Great ideas.

Shame it may be done only by the time when 90% of the player base will have left the game…

Perhaps. But I think many players will return once content is finally added. Also, a lot of players are probably waiting for them to fix the game before returning. It is a great game at heart, which is why I have confidence that people will play it. I know I will.

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