Hey devs - thanks for being awesome

I know that getting feedback as a developer can be rough, because usually the only people motivated to make an account and post on the forum are the ones who are upset about something. A lot of the time these grievances are legitimate, but it still sucks as a developer to get a barrage of mostly negative feedback.

To that end, I’m here to deliver some positive feedback!

I put in over 100 hours in V1, and am up to about 75 in V2 so far. I absolutely LOVE this game, and I run with a core group of 3 other players who share my feelings. We play together for fun, to burn off stress from work, to bond, and for that ever-satisfying feeling of being an absolute badass taking down huge hordes of Skaven and Chaos. The atmosphere/vibe, music, attention to lore, and incredible melee combat all combine to make one of the best gaming experiences I’ve ever had. Even if the game were in a “finished” state and would not be getting more patches, I’d keep playing it.

The icing on the cake is the focus and passion of the Fatshark dev team. Your dedication to this game shows in your continued work, great patch notes, great communication, and patience with the wildy varied and opinionated feedback you get on this forum. Thank you for this game, and don’t forget that you have many satisfied gamers playing it - even if most of us don’t pop in here to say so.



I also wanted to add my 2 cents:

Thank you guys so much for all the hard work you have placed into this game. I really enjoyed VT1 and am impressed that this game has topped the original (sadly not alot of sequel games do that nowadays). It has brought me tremendous joy to be able to slaughter the forces of chaos in the name of Sigmar!

Do not let the negative feedback get you down. Remember - the people whom are happy and satisfied with the game are usually too busy playing the game to visit the forums. Keep up the great work!

Also thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for not selling out and setting up cosmetic or pay to win loot boxes for money like some of these other AAA games now adays.


A bit late to this post, but i just wanted to say, Thank you as well for all the hard work you guys have done. For a $30 game, you have given quite a large amount of value and time well spent playing to all of us, and i look forward to seeing what you guys have in store for us in the future. :heart:


Chiming in here, as well! You guys made an amazing game and thank you for that :slight_smile:
Keep up the good work, you’re awesome !

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Thank you guys, I’m really happy there is a Vermintide 2 :slight_smile:

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300 hours of genuine fun. There are a lot of circlejerk threads out there by people who think they know everything and will upvote anything or anyone as long as it suits their frustration. The fact is, you have been successful in your endeavour. One can only hope this success leads to bigger and better things. In a world full of half assed products, it is becoming increasingly easier to recognize passion, yet rarer for people to do so. Even so, the only reason for those threads to exist is people being enthralled by the game. So they should also be seen as a measure of success. Let’s see how much better this can get.


I have had a riot, and I’m still enjoying it. - learning the new classes and being able to completely change the gameplay based upon what Character and Class I choose has really increased the longevity for me. Having played VT1 a lot I’m sure it’ll be polished into something absolutely fantastic in the future. Add in custom maps and I’ll be in hog heaven.

So thank you for your complete disregard for sleep prior to launch ,and thank you for continuing to act on players feedback. (even the people foaming at the mouth about not being able to get a tricorn hat)

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