The game is awsome

Just a feedback for the devs. Its awsome.


100% agree with you and I hate the forums because everyone is so negative about everything and dont praise its good parts

How many hours played do you have.?

Game is good because people criticize it. Without negative feedback it wouldn’t even be close to where it is now, and there is definetely a room for improvement still.

True I do agree. but still if everyone says that there are problems then the dexvs change something and then even more people complain


Thats the spirit!
Negative opinions should be prohibited. What sort of society we would life in if people would get actually negativ feedback if they do things wrong? Nah. Cant do that. There is no “wrong”, just different and if you dont talk about bad stuff it vanishes magically.
Better stay positive, no matter what.


Unfortunately, some people’s feedback is on the level of “I don’t like this thing, change it” without saying anything about the reasons they feel that, suggestions for improvement or thinking about the larger-scale changes that one thing would bring. That’s not constructive, that’s just complaining.

And yes, forum conversations in general need more positivity. Yes, this game is good, and getting better (if too slowly for some). I wouldn’t have played 350+ hours if it wasn’t.


I did say negative feedback, there will alway be people who just complain to complain. But saying that all of those who criticize the game are just whiners is pretty unfair:

Not everyone, just some people. And the best thing is just to ignore them and continue helping FS improve the game with both positive and negative feedback.

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You know people i was not saying the game was prefect. I was not saying all bad pinion were made by notnicepeople [world was not … permitted X,D]… I was just saying that i was happy with this game. But the devs said it themeselves, to live on this game must stay always under balances, fixes and new content. Many things are still shaby. But guys just take a moment and look at the history of warhammer games: Few are that good. and so to express my gratitude to the devs i made that post. If you have negative feedback they should be welcome as long as they don’t come with bad intention, the same goes the other way around.

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At the end of the day this all comes down to what do we expect from this game. Aside from expecting game not to crash and not to have major bugs like unfinished terrain, crazy AI behavior, problems with collision detection/enemies shooting through the walls etc., this is what I expect from it:

  • To provide an immersive experience which will depict and showcase the warhammer world in a justly manner :white_check_mark:

  • To provide challenging and interesting gameplay which will push my skills to the limit and make me actually happy for playing it :white_check_mark:

  • To provide at least 5 weapon skins per weapon per career and at least 5 U N I Q U E skins per each career and 5 unique head cosmetics per career. When I say unique, I don’t mean just a recolor of an existing classic skins. :x:

So I’d say that, on a scale from 1 to 100%, this game has fulfilled 70% of my expectations. That’s enough that I can play it for hundreds of hours and to recommend it to others. Which I did, 2 persons are playing this game because I bought it for them and 2 more are playing it because I recommend it to them, and 5th person will buy it soon as well.
I feel generally happy while I play it and I will continue to play it as long as I feel happy.
That being said, if FS wants to see more cash from me, they need to start working on those unique skins. I will be more than happy to pay a lot of :dollar: but I want to see something new and unique, not just a different color of an existing skin.

Other than a few overpowered career mechanics, this game is up there with the best games I’ve played.

As a V1 player, me and my friends couldn’t believe they could have made a better game than number one and they’ve managed it.

Being here while it’s all coming together is interesting too. I mean there’s a lot of hyperbole about ‘x’ being broken or ‘x’ not being in the game, but you get to watch those things progressively change.


Staying positive IS very important but I think you misunderstood me. All I see is negative feedback now it is important but there is also a lack of praise. Of course something can only improve with negative reviews. But dont forget the devs are also people and it is demorolizing to hear even the most small stuff.

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Finally someone who isn’t a “I know games better than you” cynic. I agree dude!

Who cares? Stop treating the high number of hour people like their the only ones who get an opinion.

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