Sometimes in the Forums (The Memedust problem)

“Hey Guys we fixed some game breaking Bugs - and developed a new framework so we can work more efficently”



I 100% understand why people are upset and want a fix, but I am so sick of these posts on the forum and reddit that I’ve gotten into the habit of just closing the page whenever I come across it. On an unrelated note, I’ve gotten a lot more work done these past few days.


“Hey guys! We released a game with no practical means of endgame progression”

Its not like we guys dont believe you that you are upset - its like @Ykoops already said, pretty tiresome, to have 30 different threads complaining about the same issue in 5 minutes everyday of the week.

I think bringing it up everyday or every patch day doenst make it appear faster, it only looks like the “Are we there yet” - kid on roadtrips.


Consumers expecting what they paid for =/= whiney kids. End game is the most important part of a game like this and it is therefore the bulk of the experience users paid for.


Yea but an unhappy Consumer dont go everyday in the store he buyed something in, and complains.

As opposed to?.. It’s a feedback forum. People will continue to provide feedback until its fixed or they explain wtf their game is woefully unfinished. Right now, all they’ve done is said, “yep… That’s a thing…”

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Well Feedback is “Well, i am unhapps with/is buggy - Maybe you could do X for this”


sadly the last example is possibly around 50% of the “Feedback” they get.

In all my time in the Forum (yea i know its not that long as some people here), i read more
“I have friends in the Business so i know X” - “WTF is this sh*t” and “I will refund if this dont get ingame like yesterday” than actual “Feedback”

The smaller side of the Feedback/Complaints are detailed written and explain the problem pretty well so most people can get behind it with “Yea, fair enough” but for the most part the newer Feedback just reads like whining

The worst case of this development would be that the Devs try to push more content ealier (again like the release) to have content, but it will be so buggy, that its rendering the game so unplaybale, that they f*ck it more over than possible … “BUT at least they have content :v”


Most people started out pointing out the crafting situation extremely politely. Why wouldn’t they? It seems like a minor issue with an easy fix. But then months went by… and nothing. The backlash FS is receiving for stuff like this is deserved.

If it’s not an easy fix, why not just do something temporary like make the green dust requirement for rerolling exotic/veteran = 0 until they can sort themselves out?

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Sounds good to me. I would think all they’d need to do is change a 1 to a 0. Problem fixed, community happy. It’d certainly buy them time to get around to fixing the dust issue.

The struggle is real. Fatshark plz. You’re making us all feel the blues. Orange ya gonna do something about it? It’s probably safe to say none of us here are green and we know what’s up. Hopefully you’ve red up on all our concerns. Make sure you white this all down and get the team on it.


Oh just flag it. Do you really wanna embarrass yourself participating in this argument?

I mean I dont know what people expected when they bought into this game, its basically L4D so everyone should have known what endgame means here means.

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Only someone posessed by the devil would make all of those puns and have 666 orange dust.

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You want to believe you’re right so much, and that the problems are caused by some “whiny players”, “toxic community” or at least “russian hackers”, not by the devs actions. There is a problem though… actually 2 problems, that ruin this magnificent explanation.

Firstly, I am sorry to inform you, but these “NO GREEN DUST ! WTF IS THIS SH*T I WILL REFUND !” posts, as you call them, each time come from different people. People from all over the globe come to this forum, create an account and post the very same problem, that bothers them the most. Guess which one. Also guess why do we “have 30 different threads complaining about the same issue in 5 minutes everyday of the week.” BECAUSE THE ISSUE IS STILL THERE!

Secondly, yet again I am sorry to inform you, but internet is not limited to FS forum. There is other sites, that are not overrun by fanboys. So you can see for example here at Reddit how people react to the changes and the whole situation around Vermintide. Yet again, you’re not gonna like what you’ll see.

But do not worry, soon all the normal folk will leave the site, and you will be left alone, praising your favorite game and its creators as much as you want.

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I can’t wait

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