Hey fatshark are you even listenening to this section?

Hey there fatties. As you are probably aware, there has been and still is a lot of active forum threads regarding the lack of end game content.

These threads appear solely as a result of the lack of said content and will continue to appear again and again.

I’m one of those people who think the game could be great but at present is only fair but I do see the potential for greatness which is why I continue to frequent the forum and give my 2cents on what direction I think the game should take.

But I feel like the feedback section is a joke to be honest. It’s like costumor care at apple. It’s there but not really and I’m beginning to question if any of the feedback we are putting out there is even been talked about at FS HQ.
If it is being discussed why aren’t you out here telling us about it?

With over a million copies sold world wide, the active people here on the forum is but a tiny fraction of that number but never the less, we are also the people whom have been reporting bugs since day one which you have been listening to.

Even though we are so few in numbers in here that we cant properly represent the playerbase adequately we are generally in agreement on everything in the feedback section and when the entire forum asks for something specific, there is a very good chance that the rest of the playerbase outside the forum feels the same or at least a big part of it.

With that said I have but one question for FS.
Are you working on end game content, yes or no ? I spend some 1600 hours on the game at this point and got my moneys worth so it’s not that i’m mad about the lack of content, but just dissapointet and I dont care to stick around anymore hoping for end game content if you know that youre never going to make it.
I dont think it’s to much to ask for honestly with all the feedback, bug reports etc this forum has been and stil are providing.



“End game content”, that’s pretty broad statement. What exactly are you looking for them to add? We complained about reds, they have replied and said they will add a dust system soon™. People complained about not being able to store all the illusions for a collection, they replied and have a new system rolling out soon™. They will obviously continue to add more maps in future DLCs, which I’m hoping will be half the price of the last DLC if they are only going to consist of 2 new maps. And of course these new DLC’s will have more cosmetics and weapons most likely.


Try being a very, very annoyed ps4 consumer.

I actually opened a thread not that long ago advocating against it. And while I can add a lot to the “balance” section now, I still think that those players who crave content should take a break from VT2 just like we did from VT1 and let the devs clean up the mess they already have before making a new one.

Hm… oh… okay… yeah… you know what?

I mean… i´m sure you know what i mean… i just don´t find the words, but…

hell yes… maybe… maybe not… i don´t know…

i know they look… i don´t know, what you know, but i know that…

Do you understand me?

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Upgrading Exotic items to Veteran with Red Dust
I know it’s not the forums but he really is a Reddit guy.

I do wish they would at least put out an update post every two weeks on status – even if it just explains what they are working on right now or says “we’re still working on it.”

Other devs do this. Also seems reasonable since there’s currently no roadmap.

And post it on the Steam news feed, not buried here or on the Steam forum where you have to hunt for it.


@Fatshark_Hedge <<<< he actually said he was going to do this, back in July/August xD Tagging him in this to hopefully remind him. It would be a major step forward for the community if he even came out and said, there will be nothing new for the next 3 months. At least then we know and don’t have our hopes up for nothing. Give us an update Hedge, let us know what you are working on, what you want to be working on, what you hope to have done before the end of the year. Communicate with us mate

After the absolutely farcical backlash where he was required to take a single day off from Reddit because of the assumed DLC information that people thought meant they were getting new models and the subsequent blind-rage of shyte-posting, personal attacks, character assassination and downright vindictive nastiness I can give you a quick glimpse into what might constitute a safe Dev update,

Throughout the last week of September and into the first week of October our coders have worked really hard on coding some more lines of code for the game. Our art team have also completed some art and a person responsible for sound has worked on some sound. Someone in the office moved their mousemat and a cup of coffee was left to go cold for a day until it had a skin on the top. Also, for future reference all of our live-streams will be muted and the screen will be blank to prevent misinterpretation of anything players might have seen or heard anywhere ever.

Anything else is going to be analyzed to the point of forensic detail implicating @Fatshark_Hedge in some conspiracy to overthrow the UK government by posting a shruggy man on Reddit.

By some people being a thoroughly arseholey community the Dev’s have realised there’s no point giving any kind of detail to anything.

So… in conclusion;

I’m sure FS read this. Quite a lot actually. I like to think they discuss what we discuss and consider what we’ve put in front of them as feedback - I am under no illusion that we’re going to ever see any kind of Dev regular feedback posts as the backlash on Reddit about the DLC (and Hedge’s words) caused such a fallout it blighted the whole community for a week at least.

I’ll keep posting and prompting discussions where I can in the hope that even if the Dev’s don’t post they DO absorb what we say.


Eh, Hedge shouldn’t have engaged on that guy’s post. It wasn’t any more complicated than that.

People were upset about the DLC – and with good reason. FS messed up on the DLC (small content, high price, poor cosmetics, and an insane weekly quest) and the backlash was exacerbated by a complete lack of communication for months in a row and a large number of missed deadlines. In short, we hadn’t gotten any updates in months and then the DLC looked like a poor cash grab.

Some percentage of the player base will always be hateful and toxic – especially on the internet. But ‘most’ people are pretty reasonable. If you communicate, they’ll listen. And if you miss deadlines and fail to meet expectations, that means you need more communication – not less.


That´s up to the ppl and not to FS. If the glorious humans would stop with egoistic expectations, life would become more beautiful.

Well, to be fair, FS created those expectations. They didn’t come from nowhere. They had a roadmap and it’s just objectively true that they failed to meet basically every single one of their own deadlines.

And then they all went on vacation and didn’t push content for three months? AND they didn’t really communicate at all during that period – with things like Steam news updates. Hour-long streams full of jabbering don’t count. The view counts on those were stupidly low.

It seems reasonable to me that people were upset. Hell, even I was pretty peeved when the DLC dropped. But my point isn’t to complain. It’s to point out that the fix for that is communicating.


They promised 2 maps and everyone got them for free. Late, but we got them. I can remember dedicated servers, but those haven´t anything to do with the DLC.

Just because you or other ppl EXPECT news every day, they don´t have to give out some.

No it´s not reasonable. Ppl expect tons of content and stuff for a low price/free. The modern “human - community” is just rubbish in their c++cer - egoism, with their d++b expectations and the “i want i want i want” - acting like 4 years old kids.

Okay. My point is that they promised more than just DLC content. Explicitly promised. On a roadmap. Things like dedicated servers, faster releases, faster mod access and approvals. Then they stopped pushing any content to PC for three months. And they didn’t communicate. So those expectations had been festering for a while.

That backlash on the DLC wasn’t just because of the DLC content (which had issues of its own – even if you personally disagree). It was a product of months of radio silence and a bunch of broken promises.

I’m not saying they should provide a post every day. Twice a month? Especially once we are off the roadmap with no replacement? That seems pretty reasonable and isn’t uncommon with other developers (who typically provide regular updates AND a roadmap).

There was never a great communication going on to begin with.
Negative feedback about the bad community management is as old as this forum here.
It may have become worse over time though since FS outright managed to seriously mess up over and over and ohohohover again.
I stopped playing a while ago and just check the boards now and then to be somewhat up to date so I can reinstall when things get better but seriously, since the beta literally every single time there is an update its delivered with the next “hell I can’t believe a professional studio had the guts to pull this of AGAIN”-moment.
Yes people are “toxic” (what a nice passive-aggressive word for “being an azzhole” but plx no insults!) but actually for a reason. That’s what baffles me so much about this whole mockery of a release here. I look into these posts and think “man he went a bit over the line with this but they got it coming for sure”.

The only reason Vermintide 2 hasn’t sunk into the depths of oblivion is because of the exceptional high amount of players who literally just go by the mantra of not expecting ANYTHING for their time and money or even go far enough to see expectations as some sort of rude behavior. Like just ignore the guy selling you half of the product he announced for the same price everything else would be selfish! Come and join the shaming circle so you can claim the moral high ground.
Self-flagellating Gen-Z gamer culture at its peak here.


They made a mistake of even trying to communicate in the first place. Somebody in the office had to have known their situation was a raging trash fire. Sounding so confident in what you can offer when in reality you can hardly put two lines of code together without breaking patrols is a recipe for disaster, and disaster is what they got.

Less is more, because sometimes when you get more - which we did - it ends up failing to materialize so hard that you end up with a net negative result.

They probably have someone reading this forum, and they take very hasty notes of what threads have been posted today. Sad for people who actually put detail into their posts, like myself (I’m planning to go on a posting spree soon), but it’s more than likely the truth. No actual devs read these forums, or anywhere else for that matter, and i doubt anyone believes they do - they get bullet points. After all, we’ve already been told that most of their team is Swedish and can’t into English all that well, so there is absolutely a drip-feed system.

Therefore, few threads can be marked as Acknowledged in this section. Last time it happened, I think it was late beta, when againpyro’s suggestion for BoP was marked, then tried in the game, then everyone had a word filter fit, then it was halfway rolled back, and now they’re the strange neither-nor they are at the moment.

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They don’t need to update us daily, hell they don’t even need to go into specifics.
But it would be nice to tell us what is their focus at the moment, what are they targets, what is their primary concern. They shouldn’t talk about future content or make any promises. Just a simple:
"Ok guys, we are prioritizing the issue of red duplicates. It will take some time, we don’t have an ETA, but this is our priority. Don’t worry, our team leaders/leadership are guiding us solidly and we are stable"

Because, Indie or not, in my eyes at least, someone in their leadership doesn’t know how to handle the whole thing. If you have a fire in the kindergarten, grocery shop and the post office at the same time, you don’t split your limited resources and send the fire brigade on three places. You prioritize, you send the whole brigade to the kindergarten (I’m paraphrasing, please don’t come at me with some fire fighting tactics and theories).

I work in a team which has 46 people and we are supporting 18 different clients, one of which is a major US corporation. When :poop: hits the fan with one of those important clients we prioritize, improvise and focus most of our attention to that client. If you don’t have clear priorities, and more importantly, if you don’t provide proper leadership to your workers, the whole team will crumble and produce a lot of major fu*k-ups.


I have good news for you.


Thanks @Feudal, I don’t visit Reddit often enough so I guess I’m missing on a lot of updates from there. Yes this is what I’m talking about, a concise statement about current priority/focus :+1:


Agreed. If they put stuff like that in the Steam news feed regularly, it’d cut down on the vast majority of complaints.

The problem with Hedges’ current approach is that you didn’t see that. Neither did I. Commenting on the occasional Reddit post is great, but its gets missed by the vast majority of people who don’t read every single post on every forum.

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