Are you listening?

Does this even get to anyone that matters? Do you even listen to what your customers are suggesting? This is such a far cry from Vermintide in quality and content I’m unable to even fathom how FS can be proud of this product in it’s current state. And in the latest content drop, you praise yourself for getting this point as if it’s some sort of accomplishment. Imagine crapping the bed and then prasing yourself for cleaning it up.

You want to save face with your dedicated fanbase of 10 years? Forget your vision and give us content we actually want. Because FS’s vision for this game is a total failure. Forget releasing more useless cash-grabbing cosmetics and have some respect for yourself and your customers by releasing content that actually makes the game better.

At this point, Darktide is an absolute embarrassment. FatShark is not what they used to be.


What specifically would you want them to release (or change)?


How does it feel being the Grim Reaper?


Make sharpshooter fun n better.

When Darktide was released 6 months ago I expected a minimum of everything that Vermintide had. Weaves, chaos wastes, a full fledged campaign. The minimum was a clone of the best parts of Vermintide and content.


i think not.

just check the bugs in bug report.

or any of the balancing issues we having

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I don’t think they’re listening bro.
Lets just leave aside all the spicy criticism they rightly deserve for a second. They have made real improvements to the game over the last six months (sure much of it was just releasing what they promised on launch, but it IS an objective improvement). Delivering more content and more stability and performance. The game is, over all, in a pretty good state as a game. But the subsystems are where all the players are chafing right now and they aren’t doing anything (so far) to resolve those.

They’re so close to greatness. They just need to get out of their own way. I can live with the slow pace of content, and I don’t care about muh cosmetics. They just need to let their game be as fun as it can be.


@Crispy what do you want changed? I need to know if you meet the criteria to join the inquisition of martyrs.


Idk I’ve been having fun


They promised classes every 2 months, and both crossplay and weapons attachments at launch. None of that is even mentioned 6 months later.


They said every quarter. That’s roughly 3 months.


I’ll jump in since the guy just here to complain

Remove crafting locks
Remove rng perk rerolls
Weapon rebalancing
Make 90% of blessings not suck or actually work
get rid of ordo docket / xp on curios
Make diamantine not useless

Most feats suck, it’s not too hard to buff the least popular

Fix party merging

put a scoreboard in the game

Allow us to make custom fights in the psykanium in a way similar to the mod that already exists

allow us to select the map and mission we want, then give a bonus in dockets and emps gift to players who do quick play

^ all that would make the game a lot better. Ot would be easy to implement, and the community would rejoice. the reviews would go to overwhelmingly positive within a month


How long do you think it would take to plan, coordinate, program, merge, test, and then release all of these?

I do use the scoreboard mod, that being said: The past 6 months and most discussions why the Scoreboard should be native in the game have firmly convinced me that there should not be a native scoreboard in this game.

We have a mod for the scoreboard, that covers all the “positive” needs of checking your own progress, while at the same time keeping the “negative” side of Epeen comparison largely contained to various social media forums, as people can’t guarantee their teammates have access to the scoreboard.

The scoreboard mod causes some toxicity already when a mission goes sideways because of RNG and someone gets blamed for no reason.

In VT2, it also promoted bad gameplay where you just run off and try to solo everything to rack up those green circles. (Look at you, those elf mains).

Personally, I’m not bothered by the lack of scoreboard based on my experiences in Overwatch, and unless it’s a truly casual game where losing or winning has no effect on your next game, quantifying with stats how well someone is doing creates unneeded toxicity. TF2 had a scoreboard with aggregated stats, but it’s incredibly casual where it didn’t matter.

So yeah, I agree. Based on this forum itself and how hostile people are to each other, a scoreboard in the game seems like a bad idea especially since progression via materials are tied to winning and losing.

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Half of them? Like an afternoon.

The other half, a month if they assign more than one dev and a high school kid that just asks chatgpt to do his work for him

The other tides had scoreboards and it didn’t ruin anything.

Some people are assholes. Whether there is a board or not, they’re gonna be assholes.

If you don’t like mean people, mute them. Don’t want a scoreboard, opt out.

Sounds like you haven’t worked on an enterprise project then.

Dude half that what I proposed are variables on sql spreadsheets

This enterprise project still has completely wrong tool tips 6 months after release. So, don’t white knight saying I have no concept of how complex my asks are. There is low hanging fruit yet to be picked, and a handful of modders in their spare time could have done much of that months ago.

See mods such as, creature spawner, scoreboard, Buffs being visible, Tool tip fixes. Random individuals have done work an entire studio wouldn’t make time for.

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