Devs should hear this (are they listening?)

DARKTIDE is Frustrating - YouTube

2:28 minutes of your time isnt asking for a lot.


Heh, and that dude was paid to promote the game during early access. I guess even being given money can’t make someone like this game.


He sums up Darktide in a nutshell pretty well.

Fatshark has failed. They just refuse to admit it or are so tied up in their own egos they don’t realize it. They are milking a fanbase for money and destroying the goodwill of people who have been their supporters since VT1.

Hopefully if enough of their “we paid/gave you the game for free to show off and say nice things about us” people instead say bad things about them they will wake TF up.


Maybe someone who has a large audience will actually make them listen, as upposed to us lowly peons.

I’ve been saying this since day 1, I see more and more posts and comments about this every day. And hasn’t been responded or addressed once by FS. Hopefully that changes soon


It just occurred to me how annoying it would be as a content creator to have a company like Fatshark say “Here is our new game, we want to pay you money to show your audience”. So you take the time out of your day to set up a session but to your surprise you literally can’t access the content the game company told you to make a video about.

You can hear the annoyance in his voice. This is HIS job and his way to make a living. Fatshark just wasted his time for nothing.


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Well, if Fatshark don’t come out and say the 3 most simple of words: “We are sorry”
And then follows up by: “We plan to address all of this in the following manner”

I don’t see this game being particular successful outside of a few thousand players that has to endure long matchmaking times.

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They will make a DLC with changes to improve, some new maps. But everything will keep mostly the same. As much they will improve the rng, and people will run to buy it.

Most will not learn the lesson. Like it happens with Blizzard or EA. I hope is not the case but the truth is that it allready is with FSs historical with V2. Maybe in 1-2 years the game becomes what it should on its LAUNCH.

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They got the money allready. 40 per account. If people buy their next dlc it’s enough again.

That shill also said and guaranteed there would be a playable eldar character in one of his vids not even exagerating :man_facepalming:

Not to mention he was paid to create class guides during the preorder, which were then completely obsolete on release. Because the game wasn’t finished, and tons of talents and synergies changed completely…

One of the comments summed it up best. They got all the hard stuff right. Graphics, atmosphere, ost, gameplay (mostly). But failed in the simplest parts like crafting, perks, feats, shops. Honestly, this seems really easy to mod to improve everything but the shops.

Edit: Oh, customization, dialogue, and story are also bad but that can be glazed over if everything else was stellar.

Take it easy. Buy a skin…

He’s right.

The entire gear economy is so tedious.

Playing the same map 5 times in a row because it’s the only one in rotation at my difficulty gets old fast.

Being locked in lower difficulties because a weapon upgrade hasn’t appeared for literally an entire week makes me resentful.

Having the game “encourage” me to play just one character because that’s the most reliable way to push me to the paid cosmetics store makes me feel like I’m being punished for playing more of the game.

FS, please. The in-mission gameplay is so good, but every single feature surrounding it is pushing me to burnout.

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I don’t think he was paid, he was part of the creator’s program. Also I think it’s a good sign that people in the Darktide creator’s space are not just shills for the game but are actually laying out the most quintessential criticism of it.

Yes, the way loot is acquired in Darktide is not fun. It’s the biggest problem with this game in terms of long term motivation.


Yea the Video is up to 65k views, way more than anything on the forums. Hopefully FS takes notice.

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