A (Tough) Love Letter To Fatshark

Hey Fatshark, hope you’re doing alright, but I’ve got some real talk to lay on you about Darktide. The game’s a blast, no doubt, but we gotta talk about these FOMO marketing tricks you’re pulling. It’s causing a massive rift in the fan base, and we need to address this pronto.

Look, I get it – games need to make money, but seriously, these tactics are killing the vibe. People used to be stoked about Darktide, but now it’s all about who’s got the most cash to burn. It’s not cool, and it’s turning your loyal fan base against each other.

Let me be straight up with you – this kind of marketing isn’t just annoying; it’s making people feel like you’re just in it for the money. Your fans aren’t just wallets with legs; they’re the ones who’ve been cheering you on from the start, despite what the vocal minority might say.

It sucks to see a company with so much potential resort to shady moves that hurt the very people keeping you in business. Your fans aren’t just numbers on a spreadsheet – they’re the ones who’ve been riding with you through thick and thin.

So, do us a favor and rethink your strategy, it’s time to be straight with your fans, treat them fairly, and stop with the FOMO chicanery. Darktide’s success shouldn’t come at the cost of turning your community against each other.

Look, we all know games need cash to keep rolling, and most of us are happy to pitch in for cool stuff, but when you drop a cosmetic set with a hefty price tag and it turns out to be lower quality than protein slabs, that’s not cool. It feels like you’re just trying to squeeze every penny out of us without delivering the goods.

The Krieg cosmetic sets felt like a slap in the face – like you didn’t care about giving us something worth our hard-earned money. We’re not asking for a golden ticket with every purchase, but we want to feel like you’re putting in the effort to make it worth our while.


Gotta hand it to you for the recent update. It’s a breath of fresh air and a step in the right direction. Kudos to the development team for delivering something that resonates with the quality we’ve seen in Vermintide. That’s the kind of move we’ve been hoping for!

The update shows promise, proving that the team’s got the talent to knock it out of the park. I think I speak for everyone when I say that were stoked to see you take a positive step forward, and it gives us hope for the future. It’s not just about calling out the hiccups; it’s about recognizing the wins too.

Now, about those recent monetization missteps – it’s important to acknowledge when things go right, but we can’t ignore when they go south. We want Darktide to be the best it can be, and that includes fair pricing for quality content.

I won’t pretend to have all the answers – that’s a conversation for you and your executive team. We, the fans, just want to enjoy the game without feeling like we’re caught up in some high-stakes gamble. Solutions are in your court, and we’re trusting you to make decisions that reflect a genuine commitment to both the game and its community.

Here’s to progress and better days ahead. Cheers.


The store is actually pro consumer

See it’s so poorly and lazily run that no one in their right mind actually wants to purchase anything from it.
Like my god i would have been such an easy person to turn into a pay pig with 40k drip with them actually releasing very basic things guard fans would want and handling the PREMIUM store as an actual premium experience rather than dirt.


Fatshark were the good guys all along.


Their lack of effort and care with the store has saved me hundreds.

Thanks fatshark I really appreciate it.


Imagine writing a letter to companies like T-Mobile, Amazon, Adobe, a PC Hardware manufacturer or EA for that matter (given that FS is keen on overtaking them in terms of scummy MTX tactics).

This isn’t your friendly neighbourhood indie dev that hangs out with you.

Only gamers are mind broken enough to assume profit oriented companies would give a f.
The only viable tools are withholding of money, boycotts and negative PR that Impact sales, basically anything to do with money.


I logged in this morning expecting to drop money on like 5k aquillas, then saw nothing was worth purchasing lol

Such a limited variety, its and most things are just slightly tweaked versions of others.

Honestly kinda the same boat for me. I have a side thing that keeps me in vidya money, I could be dropping $50 on Aquilas rn for some cool skins but they’re either hidden by the FOMO or just sitting in the game files to be released on the eleventy-third of Marchpril or something.

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If they’re released at all and not forever forgotten like some Vermintide 2 cosmetics since release.

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