How would you react to this post if it were by FatShark?

Hey guys,

We read you, we understand you, and we now realize we messed up. It’ll take some time, but we are planning on changing some features in the game to make it as enjoyable for you as it can be.

First, we are changing how the missions are selected, allowing you to chose your mission and modifiers.

We are reworking the store and crafting systems to allow you to get the weapon you want, and work towards the weapon that perfectly fits your playstyle.

We are also aware that the penances are not optimally designed, and we’ll be brainstorming on more engaging ways to get and showcase your achievements without it being tedious.

As always, we are working on bugs and have, thanks to all your reports, quite a hefty backlog to go through. We are working on the ones that, to us, feel like are most important. This is slowing down the correction/rework of other features, but we are doing our best.

Finally, we are aware of the contentious state of the premium cosmetics shop. Our artist teams have worked hard to deliver a wide variety of cosmetic content, so we will be working on a way to make the items all apear at once in the future. We would also like to have event-specific items that will appear only temporarily in the future, such as anniversary or holiday skins. We also hear the pricing is not appropriate for a paid game, but it is a way to ensure our long-term economic income since we plan on supporting the game for years to come.

We know these objectives aren’t tied to a how or a when, as this is not a timeline, but it is a heading we will collectively strive to go to. We will be iterating slowly but surely, including your constructive feedbacks, towards the best game Darktide can be.

Thanks all !


I’d think someone had hacked Fatshark. No way in hell would they put out clear communications that imply working towards their customers wishes xD


You want my honesty? After that recent interview where their studio heads said:

Much has already been fixed through updates

he is satisfied with the response that “Darktide” has received.

Fatshark has used the lessons learned from the previous games to build “Darktide” from the ground up with the plan to grow the game

I feel not only insulted as a Vermintide fan who poured thousands of hours into V1+2 by being sold a lesser product with them touting: lessons learned from the previous games. I now actively want to see this studio fail financially.

They had so many opportunities to fix the situation by acknowledging the community’s grievances, reassuring us our issues will be addressed (you don’t have to give us an ETA - just let us know our voice is heard, let us know you’re doing SOMETHING); instead they’ve been spitting on our faces while telling us how great they are.

So to answer your question: no, this announcement won’t do anything for me.


It would be totally enough and answers my most important question.

I still can‘t get over the fact that all improvements they make per game are discarded with the next game…

Being left in the dark about a game i truly want to love hurts every day that passes by without getting a statement.

Oh, think they ghosted us ^^


“I’ll believe it when I see it. Start by fixing the servers and crafting, thanks. (Or just give P2P back as an option.)”


I agree they are openly laughing at our faces with this interview. It is ludicrous.
I wouldn’t wish them to fail though, they can get back on their feet and grow some integrity, honesty and transparency. Hard work, but they could.
Designers just have to face the facts and be a bit less full of themselves.
Given how good the core gameplay is, it is a shame that their orbital systems are so disgustingly bad.


At this point? Empty words, literally means nothing.

There’s no amount of communication that can save this game now, fix it now (And by now I mean within a month tops, which is impossible) or bury it, after the interviews with the swedish media and I think it was pcgamer, we are past the point where communication can save FS’s face.


Agreed, I wouldn’t even believe it for a second after that interview from that pylon.

Where is this spit in our face?

What do you mean ?
I meant the quotes @AsukasHeadphones posted that are from an interview the design manager gave to a swedish pc gaming magazine.

Sounds like the loud minority took hostage Fatshark and would have their wishes granted while ignoring actual stats. Whoever wrote this is a Reddit or this Forum warrior thinking a few hundred speaks for the thousands.

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The “loud minority” are a majority of steam reviews.


But isn’t acknowledging their failures the first step towards fixing them ? I’d rather have such a post than silently continuing to go towards the iceberg we’re headed to.
If they recognize they messed up, at least you know that within 6 months to a year the game will be better.
As it stands right now, I can’t foresee that.


Steam reviews are one community and its less than half of those reviews and reviews are even smaller portion of players, again a minority.

You have two gaming communities Gamepass and Steam, People who leave reviews are either really happy or really mad, the majority is literally shrugging just trying to enjoy the solid gameplay and waiting with patience which isn’t shown by the loud ones for the workers to get back from a much-deserved holiday.

This repeated beating of a dead horse of reviews and grievance performance is just Trolling at this point.

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The match gameplay is solid indeed, quite excellent I’d say.
The game around matches absolutely sucks, and that is what permeates from comments and reviews, other than stability, and is the reason for numbers dropping drastically below what one could’ve expected from such a launch after barely 1 month of release.
There are currently 5 times more people playing Payday 2 (3 times higher 24h peak), which is a 10 year-old game, than this gem of gameplay that is Darktide. Why is that ?

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And they know that, we don’t need the 200 threads of whining and complaining with nothing constructive. Either play and enjoy and start being constructive or don’t. Performing is getting old quick.

They can see the stats as well and don’t need us telling them what they know. Go play Payday or Vermintide and come back when the game meets your standards. Repetition of the same talking points is old.


Well first of all I’m not sure they do know that, since the design manager is, and I quote,

satisfied with the response that “Darktide” has received.

Second of all, you’re the one chiming in with “loud minorities” and “actual stats”.

I merely gave you the actual stats, which are bad.

And finally, I do attempt to remain constructive in my posts, and it’s not like I hadn’t offered plenty of solutions already as to how to make the game better.


It’s honestly too late at this point to believe anything coming from rotten bloated fish’es mouths.

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Why wouldn’t he be satisfied? It grossed highly and is making money, just because some internet somebody who thinks they know how things should be said Fatshark sucks, Corporation decisions suck, design sucks for everything but play but hey those are all quality-of-life features that has nothing to do with the core replay loop. But yes, lets shout this every five minutes for the second month in a row. Even though they already responded they are working on it, but it was near the holidays, so their staff had to go you know actually have lives. But no, we are going to keep crying foul. Oh, a single PR piece from the lead Designer didn’t say hey doom and gloom we shat the bed, I am sorry. Now we are going to make up stuff that satisfies ourselves. Play or not, Suggest story, missions, features (Not just say make it VT2, we got it VT2 great and the devs dropped the ball. )

I am not saying the grievance is illegitimate but jeez I see only this while people actually trying to be a community to get this to continue are having to wade through the sewage that is the whining of the same five points in nearly every thread. We get that the world hates Corporations until they are among the rich ones. We get that the shop needs work which already has been talked about, we get that the RNG system needs overhaul which has also been talked about. Something new please.


The game has lost more than half its players on steam, you can check that on steam charts.

As someone who came from gamepass to steam, the game on gamepass is virtually dead, your ship is empty 7/10 times, and it is not rare for the matches to have a bot or two.

You want to believe you are in the “silent majority” of players quietly enjoying the game, so be it, but you are deluding yourself.