Does Fatshark's lack of communication not bother anyone else?

Look I don’t need a detailed roadmap with estimated dates, I just want to know what the future holds instead of having things suddenly dropped on us.

For example, are more classes planned like a Tech Adept / Skitarii archetype? What about new weapons or the previously cut ones like Melta gun and Bolt pistol?

Is Weapon Customization dead for good or could it make a comeback?

Is the Cosmetic pipeline ever going to improve? e.g. Moving away from selling recolors and going for a dye system instead.

@FatsharkCatfish You’d do us a great service instilling faith in the game by answering such questions for the community.


Honestly it does but I imagine it’s due to them not being able to stick to a schedule and a lot of the ideas facing resistance before release (the initial crafting update was very much panned for not fixing a lot of the core problems).

Even then it would be nice to have some kind of general idea of what’s coming next beyou d just “there is an update coming”


Most of these thing they won’t say anything simply cause anything they do say get held as a promise. Which if they don’t accomplish get people riled up, even if it’s just a case of thins that will happen on the course of the game, without definite ETA


Everytime i play a new game at some point i start comparing it to Warframe where you have dye system, cosmetics made by players sold in cosmetic shop with commision for them, customization of the roof, communication being an example for game industry, like for real, why other devs just cant try?

FS was given second chance with class rework but they will bury it under lack of communication, bad decision made without speaking with playerbase, shady fomo practics. Guys, you can earn a lot more from Darktide players, we are talking about a game in world where people spend house worth of money on figurines and you really are satysfied with what you got? This is not only bad game dev practice, its also bad buinsess practice and i am at awe what opportunities you are trying to forfeit.


in a toxic relationship you gotta move on eventually…

I’ve given up on Fatshark ever getting better…


It infuriates me in fact.

Just this year, FatsharkAqshy came out and said “We’re sorry about the communication, its something we’re working on”

Just like they’ve said it in the past. Nothing changes with this company, the guys at the top make sure of it. Minimal communication with players where possible. Minimal effort where possible. And now the new mantra “maximize profits”.


In fairness, they had improved, then something happened, and now we’re back to mostly silence


Yeah that’s kind of the sad part. I think it stings more realizing that Warframe didn’t really have a blueprint to work off of at the time since F2P games were just becoming a thing and GAAS was mostly limited to cellphone games.

Now we have a ton of good examples and we are still stuck with what’s in my opinion the worst of both worlds.

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It does but it has been like this for years even in their previous games. Its doubtful fatshark will ever truly improve on this front. Whenever they have tried, they have faced massive backlash in broken promises and not holding up to their deadlines etc etc. (Because lets be real that’s what they do, overpromise)
Fatshark as a company cannot stand this sort of criticism it seems so they have always gone on stealth mode and if feature happens well you know it 1-2 days before it launches.
vermintide 2 pvp is probably the most disgusting example of them hyping something up and nothing happening.

i agree , i just dont see how its possible with this community theres just so many outrage hawks and people looking to use everything back , but for some reason i dont get still here.

its just not worth them saying anything.


Yea it’s a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation in my mind.

FS has earned a cadre of diehard haters by making games so singular, but still flawed, that these folks feel downright compelled to stick around and bemoan every bug and misstep as an unforgivable failure instead of moving onto other games.

In an effort to not shoot themselves in the foot, they’ve mostly just clammed up. I get it.

But I do wish there was more communication that demonstrated the obvious and lasting passion that FS have for the Tide games. Instead of making promises or previewing things that could change (for any number of reasons), I’d like more blog posts like the recent Carnival design post.


I disagree with you both. Fatshark can be proven to be their own worst enemy here. Players get promised too much by overeager PR, then Fatshark higher ups panick, cut corners, realise they can’t deliver and instead of being honest, they go radio silent. Over and over.

They make the situation worse by not just saying “oops, we were a bit too eager”.

They also treat all players the same, like you’re whiney children, when in fact the actual number of those here is the same percentage as everywhere else. A small number of annoying, whiney kids. Its the internet. Don’t throw out your entire playerbase because of a noisy few.

Many people here are adults, and if Fatshark treat them as such, they’d get a lot more respect.


I’m curious @Badwin , do you consider me a “diehard hater”? Can you at least point out 2 or 3 on these forums? Not by names, necesarily, just can you seriously show me “diehard haters” here on this forum? I don’t mean trolls, or passionate players wanting the game to improve, either.


Like what? Legitimate question.

If you mean Versus mode, that wasn’t promised by some lowly CM (edit: misread PR as CM, my apologies). I understand the frustration over it never coming, and the frustration over that never really being explained, but the truth is almost definitely somewhere in the sad realm of “too big an undertaking for what surely would be too little payoff for FS.”

Do you mean the handful of flippant statements by exactly 2 CMs who apparently no longer work at FS?

I consider your attitudes towards this video game company to be largely unreasonable. See above.

Ohhhh yes. People who have nothing to add here but complaints about how stupid and greedy and negligent and evil FS is and have been doing nothing more than that for literally years. Since VT2’s launch.



You assumed I was talking about Versus mode, rather than the things promised in the lead up to Darktides launch that never came to fruition.

You assumed I was taking about CMs showing disrespect for users, despite being professionals, rather than my assertion that above the CMs, someone is saying to keep communication to a bare minimum. Its a top down situation, they are being told to only say what needs to be said, to avoid backlash. Ergo, they treat all of the community as if we’re a mindless horde of children foaming at the mouth. Other companies have very healthy discourse with their playerbase, seems to be a uniquely Fatshark problem.

Facinating, what above statement qualifies me as a “diehard hater”? You seem to have a very broad concept of the terms “diehard”, and “hater”, since I neither hate nor have I been here (on the forums) for more than Darktide.

Ah yes, those damned complainers, always complaining about the problems they encounter. They are the real problem am I right? They should clear out the forums for folks like you! /s


“The current company structure and organisational method of development is not conducive to long term communication, because of the ever evolving nature of Darktide and rapid changes in the development focus.”

Or in other words:
giphy (4)

Edit: jokes aside, I think they communicate less because they really don’t know what content will make it through development.

Sure someone is working on the next class, but that guy never knows when the Magnusson from high above descends and declares his ship ought to make a 180° turn and sail the other direction.


Ack! You edited your post after I hearted it, and you added a bunch of actual arguments. Oh well.

I asked.

Things change in development, especially when done by fallible humans (no less dozens/hundreds of the imperfect creatures!). The things that are/were missing are things I largely feel we have gotten (eg. full crafting system, its faults notwithstanding) or we are getting now (a developing GaaS-tuned story with Traitor’s Curse). Yea, FS is slow. I also wish they could inject everything they dream of directly into my veins at lightning speed. But alas.

I asked. And sorry but gotta laugh at the idea that anyone told a CM to tell players DT “isn’t CoD.”

I never called you that. What I said is written above, and I stand by exactly, and only, that. You don’t need to fill in any blanks.

I never said that, and if you’ve seen any of my discourse on this forum I would hope you could gather that I believe everyone has a right to voice their opinion here. Yes, even their opinions about other people’s opinions. Im not calling people idiots (pretty sure that was the word you used for me) or nitwits (I was also called this). I’m sorry I don’t have a more palatable word at my disposal than “haters,” and I still don’t feel that is as caustic a word as those that call into question the mental capabilities of others. In future, I’ll take pains to talk around the idea of people who devote great amounts of time to a thing, but only seem to outwardly deliver overtly negative content.

I do often feel it is lamentable how the people behind FS get forgotten and how disappointment with objectively minor issues (like a tooltip being inaccurate) seemingly warrant what I feel are disproportionate responses and rehashing of every issue FS has ever had.

But I don’t really want anyone, except for the very very rude people who try to shut down conversation, to outright stahp.


I don’t get what you mean. They’re more talkactive than the average dev studio and definitely if we go by world wide standards.
Only small indies communicate more.


I don’t hate Fatshark, I just question their structual and managment policies. I quite like Darktide, it has such high highs but then makes you question how such low lows happen at the same time.

I’d argue the opposite, it’s not the diehard haters that stay on the forum and in your words “bemoan every bug and misstep as an unforgivable failure” it’s the diehard fans, the ones that want to see the game grow and explode and get big… but unfortunately Fatshark keeps repeating their mistakes over and over and over and over again. It’s not “unforgivable” failure, it’s “it gets pointed out because it keeps happening” failure. It’s “they keep forgetting lessons they themselves have learnt” failure.

People who hate the game leave. They’re just gone. There’s very rarely any criticism or posts that are blind hate, it’s always something fairly specific and most people who post try to convey what they aren’t liking. It’s the ones that do or want to like the game overall that go above the norm to post feedback.


I understand what you’re saying and agree to a certain extent. I just think there’s a pretty clear point at which someone crapping all over a thing unbidden at every opportunity becomes…just negative.

And it is my personal belief that derailing nearly every thread, in what feels like an effort to perpetuate whatever this back-patting culture of dumping on FS is meant to be, is not good for the game nor the community around it.

We don’t have to agree on this! And that’s OK!


OP makes an obvious bait thread about stuff fatshark never said they were adding, and it goes on for over a month