Communication please

Hey guys and gals listen please listen the community of darktide is crying out for yalls communication like updates or news, the silence does drive people crazy including myself at times, im sure you got huge surprises down the road for darktide or vermintide 2 i dont know but communication is key months of silence dont help with the situation of low player numbers im burned out from darktide because of the lack of content. for the carnival and the twins was fun but it dont take long to do the missions i play on heresy and damnation, max 30 on all my operatives so yes but i just you know dont want a huge update one year down the road like vermintide


You’d have thought they’d learned from the massive radio silence about the class overhaul.



Welcome to fatshark gaming! they have a vision, it’ll take them a couple years longer than they usually expect to get there, and they learned from the previous games that taking input is something done as little as possible. don’t bother trying to make sure your voice is heard by the devs, there’s too many people doing that already so it just sounds like noise and they don’t care about noise.

Try to remember this is a co-op shooter and not an arena battler and they didn’t build this game around playing more than a couple hours a week. if you try to grind every day it’ll suck the fun out real quick.

As i’ve said in other threads, It’s barely been a month since most of us got back from vacation so we are a little ways out yet. But be assured we are working on the next updates currently, just aren’t ready to communicate on them just yet!


It is clear, that right after returning from a long vacation, you won’t have many new work related things to talk about, if there was an update just before the vacation.

That said, you should not expect the playerbase to care, when your studio has a vacation.
The vacation did not come out of nowhere, so it could have been planned for.
Just give an update before the vacation and save some information to release after the vacation, so that the people have some news to be happy about.

Just like the smartphone industry does not push out all new innovation as soon as they can. They always keep a few new features in the backpocket.
If there is no innovation for some time, they still have some “new” features secured for the next model.

All that said, there has been so little communication in the past few months, that it should be pretty easy to give us a few news, even without previously making plans for after the vacation, no?


Would love to have a rumour engine sort of thing, like you did with the Deamonhost

So really short snippets, still images, sound bites or things that are planned to come, with the note of it being things that are planned, and not something that are announced (So no ETA, and the possibility of being annulled/changed, in theme making it due to Chaos interference)

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what does fatshark think about how alien the concept of an actual vacation is to their american playerbase?


Here’s the problem with statements like that, where you never communicate anything at all, until basically the patch notes - or the week before release.

It makes us wonder all kinds of things, and ask ourselves questions of a wide variety.

Do you have no plans? Are you unable to communicate about future updates because you haven’t even decided on what those updates might be?

Is the game already abandoned and dead? No other ‘Live Service’ game would ever dare to be silent for several months.

How can Fatshark ever, at all, listen to any feedback whatsoever? If new updates or features are only released once they’re already fully cooked, this leaves no room for course correction. Does Fatshark believe themselves to be so infallible that nothing they release could benefit from feedback? (And I’m not talking about feedback from influencer youtubers, either)

Have any feedback at all actually been passed to the managers, producers and leads? What is their actual stance on the itemization and crafting that is demonstrably driving people away in the hundreds of thousands?

Eight months ago you said you’d like to work towards more transparent communication. You were just waiting for the fires to die down after the broken, unfinished release.

How’s that going?


I think Fatshark only bother to communicate or hype when there is a clear financial gain in play.

Leading up to the Xbox release, where there were a lot of sales opportunities to build up, they communicated. Since then, not so much.

With respect to crafting, during one of the summer updates where they tweaked the way crafting locks worked, @FatsharkCatfish said something to the effect that “these changes are only the start of the journey.” Vague platitudes aside, are we ever going to hear or see more about the rest of the journey?

As I said in the “stepping away” thread I started, I’m at a point where the gameplay doesn’t really respect my time, Fatshark just wants to exploit my time and money, they have no interest in proactively engaging the community, and with nothing in sight to look forward to I don’t really see a reason to waste more time with the game or give Fatshark any more metrics that validate what they are doing.


Yep. I see my steam friends list is full of Helldivers 2. Watching that closely, but looks likely to be the co-op game that does everything that Fatshark can’t and won’t do.


one cannot not communicate - Paul Watzlawick

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But there are at least two of us.
So we can!

Seeing as when ever they communicate and then later something change I think we also need to do some introspection.

If from their point of view its silence or everything they say being set in stone. I understand why they stay silent.

That would be due to bad communication.

If your plans are not set in stone, you should communicate that.
For example, the direction and the end goal could be set in stone, while the exact way to get there is not 100% there yet.

For example, they could say this:

This is an example, not an actual statement from FS (click to expand)

"We heard your feedback and we agree that the crafting system is not in a good state. Crafting will see a rework and will become much more deterministic.
TLDR: Yes, the locks will be broken.
The ressources that you already own, will stay relevant and with enough ressource investment, you will be able to upgrade any item to perfection, with entirely deterministic interactions (free of RNG).

The goal is to make the system align with the original statements about minimizing repetive actions and about increasing player agency, while also providing a reasonably long time means of progression.

During the past months, the team has been going through various alternatives regarding a crafting rework, while also discussing ways of how to implement those changes.

It is not entirely certain, how these functions will be implemented, but the following functions will be added as part of the crafting rework:
list of functions

Once the plans are set in stone, the team is hoping to roll out the full rework within roughly x months.
This is an optimistic estimation, so expect that it will take a bit longer.
Depending on how it goes, some new features might be released earlier than others.

I will inform you, once a decision has been made and will keep you updated about the current status of the project.

Further, i have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding the current state of the crafting system, and will go through this thread to look for more interesting questions.
Those questions will be answered by the team responsible for the current crafting system, in a 2 hr livestream on friday.

Stay tuned for further updates.


The ‘community’ has adopted that attitude about things that are important, but Fatshark could easily just use disclaimers and talk about ‘we hope to have this in the next few months’ to show off what they’re working on.

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I’ll be honest I think they should do “beta communication” like they did with the tree update but for people (who likewise would have to sign NDA) to be the test subjects for news publications and such.


Fatshark found a perfect formula of communication - Patch notes and tweets that bot can create randomly.
Anything else usually result in them making laughing stock of themselves and creating another meme or two. Why risk making another blunder?

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Sorry but I honestly don’t understand this. Although you don’t release it you surely do have an internal roadmap, don’t you? So at least the next step after the twins was already planned before their release. So the next plans could be communicated - even without a release schedule. If you just pushed out the twins and went on vacation without any decision what to do next and philosophise about what to do next since you returned from vacation that would be extremely unprofessional.
So either you work on a surprising level of incompetent leadership or you work on something you don’t want to communicate. If it is the latter it could either be because you plan a surprising shadow drop something neat or because you know the playerbase would hate what you are doing and so you prefer silence. If it was the former you could have announced that you are working on new content and we should prepare to be surprised.
Which leaves two options why you have been silent so far.


Communication is different than having to announce the ‘next update’. Communication is looping the community on what’s happening with the various teams, plans and ideas for the future, acknowledgment of failures and problems, and etc. Communication is consistent and open dialogue with the community.

Showing up every 2-3 months to announce some new content, then going 100% silent tends to do more harm than good with community relations. Especially when major sticking points go unaddressed and the perceived priority are overpriced MTX items.