A humble ask for communication

I’ve looked around online and only really found users and content creators throwing temper tantrums.

So i have decided to attempt reaching out to you the Devs and CMs for some communion about what is currently being worked on? Not asking details just simple conformation that work is being done.

I love this game i actually have around 600 hours but i do admit the slow down in communion is scary as it makes the impatient toxic part of the community all the more upset and adds to their ranks

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I say those toxic part of the comunity deserve a permaban
And we dont missing them neither because usually those ppls are those who cant play well and start blame team/game/class…

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In case you missed it. The CMs have been communicating on Discord and said an announcement is next week ish. The new Catfish is working it and another CM has been saying it’s been wall to wall meetings and priority setting since they have come back from the 3 weeks of vacation that Swedes get around the holidays.


You can click on the CM’s profiles and look up their post history. The tl;dr is that they’re not announcing anything ahead of time now, because they’ve failed to deliver several times and faced backlash, so the only comms happening will be retrospective summaries of what’s already out - so basically just patch notes.
Also you can probably take a guess that they’re setting up the priority order right now, based on the survey.

This is great to hear thank you homie i was beginning to worry about them going dark, seems i was just looking in the wrong places

Welcome to the official FS Forums. We’ve been waiting for a month now for any communication. So crack open a cold one, grab your popcorn and have a seat.

If any news are coming, it’ll be earliest this week.

Ps: If you would like to hear the lead developers take, he said that he’s satisfied with the launch and reception Darktide has received.

Getting information about what’s happening with Dark Tide is like playing Super Mario Bros on NES. The information is on another site.