Awesome anaylsis and feedback on the state of darktide, devs please watch this

Just to get this out of the way, no this is not a dis video or anything of that sort, its a very well done buisness and game design analsis of the issues with the game and how to address them. No it is not mine and yes it is an hour long, but if the Cm managers want something to throw at the devs to give them the feedback they need in a civil manner, this is perfect material. Despite having lessd than 1k subs, this man, who has a background in product design and analysis, has done the best run through of the games issues and how to fix them I have seen anywhere.

And to players, please go sub to this guy, hes great and more then deserves it, make this video blow up and show FS what needs to be done, and for emperors sake dont go attacking the devs and being toxic, that does nothing productive. You can be angry, but you have to be civil about it.

(2) Darktide Review and Product Analysis - YouTube


How many threads more do we need on this? 3 should suffice, yes?

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Added you and the thread in perpetuity to the wall.

You’d think so yeah…

Has anything substantial happend? No.

So apparently the actual answer is: “As many as it takes”

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I can go to sleep when I’m dead! :sleeping:

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I will have you know that going to bed early is perfectly within the permitted frame of Fishtank Guidelines.

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