Communication please

Several weeks should be well enough to cook something simple up, even if it’s just small teasers or talking about stuff.
The whole “complete silence” part is a big problem.


The problem is probably not being on having nothing that they could show, but more about nothing being definite enough that it couldn’t change, and with the community that we are, they very much are trying to not show thing that will change before release

Homeslice, I genuinely don’t mean to be rude here…but I’m struggling to conceive of a job I’ve held where I’d have been able to use this line on customer, while successfully retaining that customer and keeping both a straight face and my position, in regards to a query on a lack of communication.

I’m not trying to be a jerk here and apologize if I’m coming off that way, you personally don’t deserve that. However when there’s multiple active threads about communications issues, long-standing continual complaints about deep problems with aspects of the product (mainly crafting) that dominate your front forum page (and most discussion areas on other platforms related to Darktide), and the last significant major content release that did more than just add a mission or a couple shovels was 4 months ago (nearly 25% of the game’s lifespan since launching 15 months ago)…excusing said lack of communication with a line about how y’all just got back from vacation only a month ago as the reason there’s no news feels…a wee bit misplaced.


Stop! Stop! I can only get so hard!


Imagine the awesome holidays they have at Fatshark if they need a month to recover from that.


If the party was that epic…I’m mad I didn’t get an invite :rofl:


There’s a joke somewhere about Swedish have way too long a holiday way too often.
But then I remember I slave away for my 20 days a year :slight_smile:

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wow, this is so enlightening

I think the situation there is so much more dysfunctional that we even are guessing and it’s a miracle they have had enough success to continue, I don’t think it’s going to last forever and will eventually grind to a halt


The problem isn’t vacations, if developers need a break, they should be allowed to have it. The problem is when they don’t communicate that they’re stepping back from development for a little bit, and also consciously leaving in horrid bugs like silent poxbursters.

I’d be fine with a small patch to fix the small but major issues with the game for now - nothing like a crafting overhaul. That would keep me happy until the next major update.


How is “It’s only been a month since the team returned!” even something relevant to the lack of communication since? It’s not as if they’ve started from scratch after getting back so only have a month of progress on anything, it’s a month of continuing on from whatever they were working towards before the break.


Inb4 we find out they accidentally wiped the in-development game code before vacation and have to start over from scratch.

More seriously: Fatshark will talk when it has money on the line. It’s only done so when the game review score tanked on Steam or when it’s had to hype stuff for the Xbox release.

Until then, they intend to treat the players like mushrooms.


Well, apparently the way FS does stuff is they encourage their workers to brainstorm over the holidays and when they come back they take a while to sift through all the new ideas, refine them a bit, and then determine what they want to do and what they can do.

So it sounds like the plan does kinda reset every holiday rather than just pick up from where they left off.


Imagine ever having to work in a real job and having to tell this to your clients. “Hey we’ve JUST been back for ONLY a month. Calm yer tits, we’re getting to it when we’re getting to it. Jeez”

The entire gaming industry needs to crash and burn asap.


Maybe its time to move on. We all played the game and finished what Fatshark gave us, that’s it. They don’t want to tell us their plans so why must we stress ourselves out over this game? Technically they aren’t obligated to tell us anything. Just stop playing the game.


I agree with this for different reasons: namely, not playing the game might get Fatshark to actually pay attention. That, and leaving negative reviews for the stuff that made you leave the game.


Well, player count is falling again (on PC at least). Hell Divers is great, and there are a plenty of PvE games on the horizon to scratch the itch.

FS doesn’t really give a compelling reason for players to stick around for long and has failed to foster a stable core community. So unless they start making some drastic changes, ‘stop playing the game’ is exactly what everyone is gonna do.


Helldivers 2 is amazing and brimming with potential. I’m glad a new co-op game came out to finally sink some time into. Also you can farm the premium currency to buy things in the shop unlike Darktide. If you enjoy cosmetics it could be something you sink a ton of hours into. They really did a good job with it.


I think the main issue is FS’ process. Hotfixes for example, aren’t supposed to drop weekly or biweekly and contain a list of changes, they’re supposed to drop asap when an issue is resolved. Thus the ‘hot’ in hotfix. A cosmet clipping issue for instance should be patched with a hotfix within hours of that cosmet being released.

Considering it takes weeks sometimes to put out fixes for the tiniest of issues, I can’t imagine what’s going on with their larger efforts. I don’t know why they thought they could pull off a live service game. You know when you put your bicycle in the highest gear on a straight away and have to spin like crazy to move forward a centimeter?


Given this games really rocky start and how toxic these forums are I’m not surprised they’ve been this silent. And even then, didn’t it take VT2 a few years to get the game as good as it is now?

Let them cook.

VT2 became a good game despite FS best efforts to kill it with braindead ideas. It took them years to reluctantly implement mods into the base game and give the community what they were asking for sine day one.

The only thing FS is cooking is disaster with a dash of MTX scummery.