Feeback about nerf

Lo there,

Just wanted post that cause i v hard tried (230h+ with sharp only) the game and it s really fine as it is for me.
Already posted a lot on other topics and 50% topics are the same, turning into boxing match between hardcore hardtryer gamers, and some other discutable, also pretty sure ther s 50% troll inside thos who set topics on fire spamming same grotesc suppositions in loop.

Also, i’m really scared about what FS could do with tones of biased feedback, maybe listen to it and kill the game.

In my opinion asking feedback to players is nice, ok, but see what certain “players” do with this tool, it’s horrific.
Could you just use the right way and engage/pay an hard tester team on each class to have a real and solid feedback befor tutching anything about mechanic of the game ?
I mean, this should be the only way to develop a game, and FS takes the time to develop it.
Today we have some ppls with few hours gaming thinking they know the game much better than FS team and wanted from em to change evrything, it’s crasy !

To conclude my feedback about the game is very nice, ther s some things to change, like the too much random merchant system, some constructiv tweak about few weapons etc,
But my feedback about the community is terrible. It’s strange cause, FS, you wanted to control community toxicity deleting score board at the end of game, and here, as we say it’s open bar …

Please FS do something !